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  • Dining Room Mood Board
    Of all the different rooms in the new house, the first one we decided to work on was the dining room. Everywhere I look I see these amazing dining rooms, and frankly I wanted one, too. Can you believe we have been using two outdoor lawn chairs since we moved into the house? It’s 100% […]
  • The Brown Patch
    Once upon a time, there was a man. This man had had his mid-life crisis, and was beginning to do the things that older men do. He wore a lot of Hawaiian shirts. He kept his car very clean. He spent a little too much time on lawn care. This last job was one of […]
  • What does your Dining Table say about you?
    When we decided to move, one of the conditions we set early, was “nothing ugly is coming to the new house” That meant our old black IKEA dining table was getting donated, and we would have to find a new dining table for everyday use. You would think it would be easy. It’s not. Did […]
  • Moving to the Suburbs
    Did I just have my mid life crisis? Actually, I think I had it about 6 months ago when we sold our cute Ranch Style Home on a tree-lined street in an old neighborhood to buy this 5 year old home in a new subdivision 20 minutes away. Before I start oversharing all the great […]
  • Start your Day HAPPY
    Every Dad has said it – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Growing up my father would have a cup of coffee, and read the newspaper at the breakfast table while listening to the iconic voice of Bob Edwards on Morning Edition. My go to (and to-go) breakfast is a piece of […]
  • Introduction
    Late in 2019 we moved into a newer home in a subdivision. It wasn’t our first home, and probably won’t be our last. While it had all the features we wanted, bedrooms, bathrooms, location, and yard, inside it was 99% builder grade. It had the beige walls. The brown carpet. Standard light fixtures. What appealed […]