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Green Bay is a city in the state of Wisconsin, United States. It is the county seat of Brown County and the fifth-largest city in Wisconsin. Green Bay is located on the western shore of Lake Michigan, about 120 miles (190 km) north of Milwaukee. The city is named after the Green Bay, a bay of Lake Michigan.

A Little Bit About The History of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Green Bay was founded in 1634 by the French explorer Jean Nicolet. You will see streets, schools, parks, and even banks named after him. The city was originally called La Baie des Puants, which means “Bay of the Stinkers” in French. The name was given to the bay by the French because of the strong odor of the fish that lived in the bay. Sometimes, if you get up early enough in the morning, and the conditions are just right, you can still smell them!

In 1763, Green Bay was ceded to the British after the French and Indian War. The city was renamed Green Bay by the British. Then, In 1818, Green Bay became part of the United States. The city was incorporated in 1850.

Map of the areas people are moving from to come to Green Bay.

Of course, almost everyone knows that Green Bay is home to the Green Bay Packers, a professional American football team. The Packers are one of the most successful teams in the NFL. The Packers are also the only publicly owned team in the NFL. But there is so much more to our amazing city!

Green Bay is a great place to live, work, and raise a family. The city has a strong economy, a low cost of living, and a high quality of life.

Green Bay is also a popular tourist destination. The city is home to a number of attractions, including Lambeau Field, the home of the Green Bay Packers; the National Railroad Museum; and the Neville Public Museum. Plus there is tons of outdoor activities!

But don’t take my word for it – Green Bay has been ranked as one of the best places to live in the United States by a number of publications, including ForbesNiche, and U.S. News & World Report.

Why is Green Bay a Great Place To Buy a Home?

If you are thinking of moving to TitleTown (a nickname for Green bay), there is a lot to offer: The city has a strong economy (it’s easy to get a job), Homes are still relatively affordable, there is a low cost of living, and a high quality of life.

There are a lot of different neighborhoods, suburbs and smaller cities around GB as well. I’ll get more into that below.

Right now I believe WI real estate is undervalued. There is so much about this great state that nobody outside of it knows about. I’m glad you found my number blog so I can help you learn more about life in Green Bay WI

What are the Different Types of Homes For Sale in Green Bay?

As a city that has been around since the 1600’s you can imagine there are a lot of different kinds of architecture here, as well as lots of different types of homes.

The most common types of homes are single-family homes, condos, and townhomes. But you can also find apartments, duplexes, and even some manufactured homes.

You have the choice of living in a standard neighborhood with neighbors close by, or also an open house on a larger lot within the city. A 5-10 minute drive can put you on a few acres if you want something like that. There are also lots of waterfront homes.

What are the Average Home Prices in Green Bay?

According to Redfin (my favorite Real Estate Web experience), the average cost of a home in Green Bay in 2023 is $256,000 which is significantly less than the national average price of $386,000.

Graph showing the average price of real estate in Green Bay, and how it appreciates steadily over time,

What is the best neighborhood in Green Bay?

One of the questions I get most often for people who are looking for homes for sale in Green Bay is: What are the best neighborhoods?

Of course “best” is very subjective and different for everyone, but I’ll share what I know and hopefully that will provide you with the information you need to make a decision on your move.

I am constantly visiting each of the properties in these areas, and continuously working to update each neighborhood so you can determine the “best” neighborhood in Green Bay for yourself.

Neighborhoods in Green Bay:

  • Astor
  • Astor East River
  • Baird Creek
  • Baird Creek Parkway
  • Bay Highlands
  • Colburn
  • Downtown
  • East Shore Drive
  • Fireman’s Park
  • Fisk Addition
  • Fort Howard
  • Fritsch Park
  • Imperial Pride
  • Joannes Park
  • John Muir Park
  • Kennedy Park
  • King of Arms
  • Lake Largo
  • Lombardi
  • MacArthur Heights
  • Mahon Creek
  • Maple Arches
  • Marquette Park
  • Mather Heights
  • McAuliffe Park
  • Navarino
  • Nicolet Drive
  • North Baird
  • Northwest Railway Gardens
  • Oak Grove
  • Olde North
  • Olde Norwood
  • Olde Preble
  • Perkins Park Area
  • Preble Park
  • Red Smith
  • Royal Ponds Preserve
  • Schmitt Park
  • Seymour Park
  • Shipyard
  • Starlite
  • Tank Park
  • Three Corners
  • Western Corridor
  • Whitney Park
  • Wilder Park
  • Woodside Heights

Cities and Townships around Green Bay:

  • New Holstein
  • Oconto
  • Oconto Falls
  • Pulaski
  • Seymour
  • Suamico
  • Valders
  • West De Pere
  • Wrightstown

Be sure to visit the official Green bay Neighborhood association webpage, Also if you want alerts letting you know when there are open houses in these neighborhoods, let me know. I have access to the Northeast Wisconsin MLS and want you to have the latest data and new listings.

Final Thoughts

Green Bay is a great place to live, work, and raise a family. With its affordable housing, strong economy, and vibrant community, it’s no wonder that so many people are choosing to call Green Bay home.

If you’re thinking about buying a home in Green Bay, I encourage you to contact me today. I would be happy to help you find the perfect home for your needs and budget.

I would be happy to answer any questions you have about homes for sale in Green Bay. Please feel free to contact me or follow on Instagram.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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