Introducing The Snoring Room

The Original Snoring Room

Welcome to my guest bedroom, aka the Snoring Room. This is the first in a series of a bedroom makeover. Here’s the Room’s stats: 11’3″ x 13’8″ with 9 foot ceilings Builder Brown Carpet Interior PPG Caravan color White Trim (PPG Decorator White Alkyd Enamel S-6) Join the Eric Estate Community There’s one window, and … Read more

Goals of this website

Hey there – If you are like me, you want to know more about how (and why) this website exists. I’ve hidden this post a little bit so if you have found it, congrats! Usually I look back to the first post on a Blog to find out what I’m looking for, but in this … Read more

2022: time to Connect

As I sit on the couch, with fireworks going off in the background, I think back on the last year, and simultaneously look forward to what’s next. We have been isolated by Covid-19 for almost 2 years now. It’s covid-NIENTEEN. Let that sink in. Two entire years gone, poof! As I look ahead, I’m hoping … Read more