What are Apple AirTags Used For?

Apple AirTags have so many uses! Here are my top 7, and a list of 16 more ways you can use Apple AirTags. You can read more about each AirTag use as well as some other common questions asked about AirTags

  1. Luggage
  2. Musical Instruments
  3. Camera Bag
  4. Laptop Bag
  5. Tools
  6. Tech Devices (games, kindle, GoPro)
  7. Binoculars
  8. Bike, skateboard, scooter
  9. Car
  10. TV remote
  11. Umbrella
  12. Pet
  13. Backpack
  14. Drone
  15. Kids’ favorite toy
  16. Jacket or coat
  17. Purse
  18. Ice Chest
  19. First Aid Kit
  20. Bug out bag
  21. People with Dementia
  22. Employee Badge / student ID
  23. Use as a tracker when mailing expensive items

What can I use Apple AirTags For?

You can use Apple AirTags on all your stuff. Anything you are constantly loosing, or are worried about loosing is a great place for an AirTag. I am always buying the four packs because I keep finding new uses for them, and I also give a bunch away when friends are asking “what are those things”.

Black HyrdoFlask with Sport Top & an AirTag

The very first time I used an AirTag was on my Kid’s water bottle. He wanted a fancy HydroFlask with a sport top (like his friends had), and when I realized how much those things cost, I said, I don’t ever want to loose that, so I slapped an AirTag on it, and to this day we have never permanently lost it.

At the end of this post is a list with 24 different Apple AirTag uses. As I come up with more uses, I’ll add them to this list, so that it is always the most comprehensive list on the web.

What should I put my AirTags on?

You should put your AirTags on anything you are worried about mis-placing. Are you always wondering where your car keys are? Put an AirTag on them. How about your sunglasses? Put an AirTag on the case. How about your Employee badge? stick an AirTag to it.

When you put an AirTag on an item, you can easily track and monitor it using the “Find My” app on your iPhone. That’s the same app that you can use if you loose your iPhone, but now using bluetooth secure technology, your iPhone becomes an AirTag Detector, and if you report the AirTag as lost, then every iPhone becomes a detector until your AirTag is found (which doesn’t take long.

You can also use your iPhone to make any AirTag you have registered make a little noise to help you in finding it.

Are Apple AirTags Worth it?

One question I commonly get is “are Air Tags Worth it?” They are about $25 each, so I like to use them on items that are about twice the price (or more). And if you are asking if my Kid’s water bottle was more than $50, the answer is yes (have you ever seen how much HydroFlasks cost?)

If you are like me, you don’t like it when things are lost. I freak out when I can’t find something. So, anything that helps me stay more organized, and not wasting time looking for something that I should know exactly where it is, is a lifesaver.

For me it is a Yes – it is worth it, but only for more expensive items.

Can I use AirTags to track my Car?

You can track any item you like with an AirTag

You can absolutely use AirTags to Track your car. In fact, you don’t need anything extra. Just open a new AirTag. When you do, it will register to whatever iPhone is closes to it automatically via bluetooth. Pick a name for it (or create your own) and then just put it in your glovebox, or center console, under a floor mat, or wherever.

Now, the AirTag won’t automatically become lost until you select that option in the “find My” app on on your Phone. Then when you do, you can see exactly where your car is, as long as it is near another iPhone.

Do AirTags work without WiFi?

AirTags work via Bluetooth – so they have about a 30-foot radius. Also they have about a 1-year battery life. I haven’t yet had my AirTags long enough to have to replace the battery but when I do I’ll update this post. WiFi uses a much stronger signal, and therefore more power that bluetooth so that’s why they use that secure technology.

Can you Use AirTags for Luggage?

This is my #1 way to use AirTags! Simply activate an AirTag and slip it inside your suitcase or bag. Now you never have to worry about lost luggage again – you can see exactly where it is at any given time.

Did you forget where you keep your empty suitcase? Is it in the attic, garage, basement, or hidden in the back of the closet? If you have an airTag in it, you would know.

Are you worried about loosing your luggage in an airport? Relax! now you can see where your bag is at every moment – on the baggage carousel, or in a locker, or at the terminal. Just turn on the “find my” app and follow the easy to understand directions.

One time, I couldn’t remember what room in a hotel I was staying in – so I activated the lost feature for the tag in my suitcase, and walked up and down the hall until it picked up the signal. Easy!

Can you stick AirTags to Things?

AirTags are about 1.25 inches around and smooth. The front is a polished silver color metal and the back is white plastic. They are NOT magnetic, and not sticky. But you can tape it (or even superglue it) to anything you want.

Lots of other 3rd party manufacturers make special holders out of leather, plastic, and other materials.

Common and Uncommon uses for Apple AirTags


One of my biggest worries is about loosing luggage. You spend so much time planning a trip and getting ready for a good time. When a suitcase or other bag is lost it can ruin everything. With AirTags you don’t have to worry anymore. You can track your bag throughout the airport and know exactly when it is coming down the carousel.

Another use is for Luggage storage – I sometimes forget where I put my extra suitcases. I have my regular roller bag that I use all the time which is easy to find, but for longer trips I can’t always remember where my other bags are. Attic? Basement? Garage? Closet? Only my iPhone knows.

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments are so expensive! Have you ever lost a clarinet and had to pay for it? I have. I wish I had an AirTag in the case, because I would have saved $400 to replace it when I was a kid. Just activate an AirTag and slide it into the case. If the instrument gets lost, then you can start to track it and recover it. This would work with violins, trumpets, flutes, guitars, and more!

Camera Bag

Another high dollar item that is easily stolen (especially while traveling) are camera bags. They are easy to spot by chiefs, and one of the most reported items stolen by tourists. If you slip an AirTag into your camera Case the thief won’t know who’s knocking when the police come.

Laptop Bag

After Cameras I think Laptops are stolen the second most while on vacation. I mean, it is so easy to identify a laptop bag.

Slide an AirTag into the case and you can track that Laptop Bag wherever it is in the world.


Tools are so expensive, and just about impossible to track. They walk off job sites all the time, and are often grabbed by thieves when you leave your garage door open. Put an AirTag in your tool box, put another in your power saw case, and even a 3rd taped to the back of your air compressor. Then if any go missing you can track where they are.

Tech Devices (games, kindle, GoPro)

When my kid was little, he was always misplacing his Nintendo Switch. I wish I had an AirTag taped to the back of it, because we wouldn’t have wasted so much time searching all over the house trying to find the device.

It doesn’t have to be an ugly fix either – now so many manufacturers are making special cases that seamlessly integrate with the tag and the device. You can find the perfect case with a built in airTag holder for just about any device that exists.


I only use my binoculars like 1 or 2 times per year. I can never remember where I put them (or if I loaned them to my friend). You can bet that I put an AirTag (named Binocular) in the case with my Celestron TrailSeeker 8×42

Bike, skateboard, scooter

This one is a no-brainer. Put an AirTag on your bike. Mine is at the back of the little under the seat toolkit that is always on my bike.


Hide an activated AirTag in your glovebox or center console. Now you won’t ever forget where you parked, or if the valet is taking your car for a joy-ride, or if you ever get jacked – you will know which chop shop to visit to get the pieces back – lol.

TV remote

AirTags can make a sound that you can trigger from your iPhone. Now when your remote is stuck in the cushions you know exactly where to look.

But if you have an Apple TV 4K (as your HomeKit hub for instance, you don’t need a remote anymore, as you can control your TV right from your phone.


I have one of those nice expensive golf umbrellas that can easily keep 4 people from getting wet. We would use it when walking to school in the rain to stay dry. Now I have a nice leather AirPod holder attached to it so I never have to remember where I left it. Usually it was at the school.


Is your fur-baby an escape Artist? I’m sure you have a mircochip in them, but why not also add an AirTag to their collar? There are lots of different ways to connect an AirTag to your Dog, so that when they get out, you can track their exact location.


Side an AirTag into your backpack. I have one that is activated in case I mis-place it, but I also have a few brand new *unactivated* AirTags to hand out to friends.


Arial Drones are expensive, and frankly, easy to loose if you aren’t an experienced flyer. Affix an AirTag to your expensive Drone, and next time it crashes you will be able to locate it quickly – or at least faster than if it wasn’t tagged.

Kids’ favorite toy

Does your child have a favorite stuffed animal, or blanket that is always missing? Open up the stuffy and put an AirTag in it – securely – so it doesn’t come out, as it could be considered a choking hazard. Just be sure to take out the AirTag before you run it through the washing machine and dryer – They are water resistant, but not sure how a heavy cycle with bleach would treat it.

Jacket or coat

Ever been to a really REALLY great party as an adult? You get a little bit dressed up with a sport coat, and as you come into the home, they ask to take your jacket which gets thrown onto a pile on the guest bed. The night goes on and 1 extra dry martini (with olives) turned into 3 and soon I’m taking an UBER home at 1:48 am.

The next morning after some tomato juice and a LONG hot shower, I couldn’t find my jacket – Boom! fired up the find me App and there it was, right on the guest bed across town where I left it.


Put one in your purse (or your wife’s purse). Yes, you are going to tell her. No you aren’t spying. You will thank me later.

Ice Chest

My Ice chest has a habit of walking away. Yes I have a nice Yeti, cause it keeps the drinks cold a long time. Now that I’ve attached an AirTag to the Cooler I’ve never lost it, nor forgotten it either.

First Aid Kit

Put An AirTag in your first aid kit – now in an emergency you can quickly find it and be prepared.

Bug out bag

If you are a prepper, and you know if you are, you have spend a lot of time, energy, and money making your bug-out bag. That’s the first thing you grab when the SHTF, but what if you can’t remember where you left it? Fire up the AirTag and you will know where it is.

People with Dementia

I don’t think that AirTags should be used for stalking or tracking people, but in this case I think it would be a good idea to connect an AirTag tracker to your older loved one who might be an escape artist.

Employee Badge / Student ID

Now this one resonates with me. I’ve lost my badge at least 100x. Now that I have an Air tag in the little plastic pouch behind my name tag, I’ve never lost it again.

Use as a tracker when mailing expensive items

Have you ever sent something expensive across the country using the mail? I’m sure you get a tracking number. And when it works, it works – on time delivery an everything. But when the updates stop coming you have to start wondering what happened. With an AirTag in the package you will know where it is and can find it if it gets lost.

In Conclusion

Apple AirTags are a great way to keep from loosing things – but they can be a bit pricey, so use them on your more important things. They have a year long battery life so you can’t just buy it and forget about it forever. But they are super easy to use, and finding a lost AirTag is super easy, and very reliable. Overall they are a must have in your home automation system.