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I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday.  As for my family we had a nice brunch with the in-laws, then spent the afternoon at a friend’s house where there was an egg hunt for the kids, and a beer hunt for the adults.  This week, Spring is in full bloom here in Austin, and with that, I added a few spring cleaning tips into this week’s kickoff as well as the usual tech tips, decorating, and lifestyle ideas.  I hope you have a great week! (more…)

ATX Art at Whole Foods

ATX ART at Whole Foods

There’s a new Instagram worthy location in Austin.  Right at the corner of 5th and Lamar, on the corner of the Flagship Whole Foods store.  It’s a big atx.

This new installation was commissioned by Whole Foods, and it was created by Ion Art, which was the same company that made the original WF logo.

For the noobs in town, ATX is the shortand locals use for Austin.

Next time you are coming into downtown via 5th, st, or heading south of the river on Lamar, take a look, or better yet, stop the car and take a selfie.  I guarantee it will take longer to find parking than snapping a photo.

The best time to list your house in Austin

The other day Zillow published a list called “the best time to list your house” but they left off the best city in the Country – Austin, TX!  I’ve done a little bit of research and come up with the answer for “The best time to list your house in Austin”

According to a 2017 US News and World Report study, they ranked Austin the #1 city and that’s ahead of Denver, San Jose, Seattle, and Washington DC.  They measured such parameters as strong job market, quality of life, and home values (not too much, or too little).  I’m not sure waht kind of parameters Zillow is using, but living here in Austin is awesome (I wasn’t born here, but my son was!).

They took the best spring time months, March, April, and May and ranked the 25 biggest metro markets.  I’m still surprised Austin isn’t included in this list, I though we were bigger than St. Louis, or Charlotte, or Tampa, but what do I know?

Then they evaluated the number of days to sell, and the average sales premium and did some magical calculations.

Without access to the original data, I have no way of accurately comparing Austin to the rest of the list, but what I can do is share some relevant stats with you. FYI, Based on the latest numbers from the Austin Board of Realtors,  from January 2017.

This gives a great snapshot of the month of January, but ins’t the best look at overall sales.

I prefer to use this year over year graph supplied by Austin Title, which shows every month graphed out for the last 5 years.

This way you can clearly see that more homes are sold in Austin in the late spring, and early summer months, bucking the national trend, as we always do.

And since this shows data for the last 5 years, you know this isn’t unusual.  It’s just the way the housing market here in Austin is different.

One last thing I like to mention is that each neighborhood and price point in Austin has an optimal time to sell.

For instance the optimal time to sell a million dollar house in Barton Creek is very different than selling in Steiner Ranch, or in Mueller.

If you are interested in selling in Austin, let me know and I’ll give you detailed spreadsheets and market data for your specific house.

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