Working with Eric is the best decision you can make

Eric Hegwer is a Realtor in Austin, known for his marketing and negotiation skills.

Eric Hegwer
Eric Hegwer

Some of the people he has helped move to Austin include families from California, Connecticut, New York and Florida, Chicago.  Of course he has also helped people moving within Texas, as well as families that just want a larger (or smaller) house in the same neighborhood.

His main focus, however, is helping sellers sell their house for the most money, in the shortest time, with the least hassle.  How does he do this?  First of all he provides incredible customer service.  Not just to you, the seller, but to everyone who inquires about your house.  Everyone gets the same world-class level of attention.

Second, he uses technology better that any other agent in Austin.  Sure, everyone is on Facebook, and has a Twitter and Instagram account.  Eric goes above the regular agent, and has learned all the intricacies of Paid Facebook and Google advertising, and uses that to reach people all over the country and world that are interested in moving to Austin.

Finally, he has connections all over Austin (and the country), and is the only agent in Austin holds broker’s open houses with a fully staffed coffee bar.  Eric’s contact list is vast, and wide reaching, and probably already knows a buyer for your house.

  • Eric is one of only 21 members of the 2015 Texas Real Estate Leadership Program.
  • Eric has spoken about technology at SXSW.
  • Eric has been published in the Austin Business Journal as an Expert in Real Estate Blogging
  • Eric is the currently the executive Vice President of the Balcones Woods HOA Board

We know there are thousands of Real Estate Agents in Austin.  You probably know several.  If you are reading this, and thinking of buying or selling a house in Austin, give Eric Hegwer a call, and experience the world-class attention to detail that he is famous for.

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