What are the Best Neighborhoods in Austin for Investors

Of all the questions I get, the most popular one is where are the best neighborhoods in Austin to invest in Real Estate.  I maintain a spreadsheet of different neighborhoods that is embedded below.  I maintain and update the table approximately quarterly.

If you want more information about any of this data please contact us.

I think it is important to share a bit on how I calculated this data.

Neighborhood  / School

This is a geographical boundary of all the single family homes for that area.  For some areas it is all the homes that go to a particular school.  For others it is the name of the neighborhood, or the area covered by an HOA.

Median Sales Price

The Median Sales price is what ALL single family homes have sold for in the last 90 days.  The median value is half way between the highest and lowest prices recorded in the defined area.

Monthly PITI with 20% down

This column is an calculated estimate of what the monthly mortgage payment would be based on the Principal amount of the median price home, an interest rate of 4.5%, a 30 year fixed loan, average taxes for the area (usually 2.5%), and $100 per month in homeowners insurance.  Of course your monthly PITI will be different.  These numbers are used are more conservative.

Average Rent SFH

The average rent is calculated for all homes rented in the neighborhood over the last 365 days.  It is only for houses – not condos or apartments.

% down needed

% down needed is a calculated field showing how much percentage down payment (in %) is needed for the house to break even between Monthly Piti and Average Rent.