We all have to start somewhere

Let me introduce you to the snoring room closet.  Yes, each of the rooms in my house has a name.  Over time, you will be introduced to all of them, but today we are starting with the Snoring Room.  Specifically the snoring Room closet.

This is my ground zero in updating our 1978 one story Suburban Ranch house.  A secondary closet in a room that isn’t used much.  It’s a place nobody sees, except me.

In this smallish walk in closet I house my 3 hobbies – Vinyl Records, Lego Bricks, and my camera equipment.   Most of the stuff is just piled on the floor, but there are some rubbermaid drawers with my sorted bricks, as well as a shelf at the top of the closet.


In the long run, I have plans for all this stuff.  The records will go into the listening space (aka as the family room), the Legos will be built into the most awesome model of Disneyland that ever existed, and my camera equipment will be pared down to the most essential gear needed to keep this blog going.

The first step, obviously, is to clean out this space and organize it.

I have a plan – it’s a big one, so stick with me for a minute. When everything is said and done, I’d like this closet to store only 2 things – my Lego collection, and extra sheets, blankets, and linens.

As of right now, I’m a long way away from that.

This small walk-in closet, is only 48 x 58 inches. It’s an odd shape, longer than wider, which poses some unique problems.

First things first – cleaning out the closet.  For this first task, I’m gonna use my newly learned Konmari method.  I’ve got a big pile in one place.  Now I just go through it, pick up each item and ask if it brings me joy.  If it does – keep.  If not, sell or toss.  Simple.  The Drawers of Lego will stay, but everything else is going to find a new home, including the camera gear and the 80’s record collection.  I have plans for those things.  Big plans…

Until then, I’ll scrape the popcorn off the ceiling, paint, and install some DIY shelves, or perhaps some California Closets or Elfa System from the Container Store to get organized.  Ultimately I’ll paint the door, and replace the door hardware too so it matches the rest of the house.

My big question is this:

Should I build and install the shelves on the long wall, on the right side of the closet, or should I build them against the shorter wall that is at the back.  Obviously I’ll get more bang for my buck if they are on the long wall, but is that the best option?

Do you have a closet like this?  How about something holding you back before you really start a project?  I’d love to hear your story in the comments.

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