Covid Facemasks for Real Estate Agents

As the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, the governor in my state labeled Real Estate Agents as essential employees.  We were allowed to go out and sell homes, but had to follow some guidelines, including wearing masks.

For this post, I have put together a collection of the best masks currently available for Real Estate Agents.

This is a combination of disposable masks, as well as cloth facemarks that the CDC recommends.

KN-95 – These provide the most protection to you, as well as others.  Designed for single use.  Sometimes these are hard to find, so I usually order directly from Amazon to get them delivered to my door.  I have learned there are different brands that make KN-95 Masks but I have ordered and used these and they are the real deal.  By the way, the difference between N-95 and KN-95 facemarks are that one are made in the USA and the other are made in China.

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Disposable surgical masks for Realtors – These are my go to masks for general showings, and when I tour homes.  I keep a pack in my car to share with clients in case they have forgotten their mask.  These are also one time use, and disposable.  There are a bunch of different brands, so I usually look for facemarks that are made in the USA.

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 Cloth Facemasks for Realtors – Cloth facemarks are also very popular.  It’s possible to get custom printing and designs on them if you want to brand yourself.

I’ve created a small collection on Amazon of different Real Estate and Realtor facemarks (and accessories.

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I hope this list of Facemarks for Real Estate has been helpful to you.  Use the contact page if you have other suggestions.