Picking out your First Miter Saw

As we started our journey into renovating our “forever home”, I realized that to do what I really wanted to do would require some power tools. Specifically a Miter Saw.

A miter saw is a power tool that makes the most perfect cuts for trim pieces. Things like baseboards, door trim, and finishing out the windows.

A miter saw is essential to make precise angle cuts on long trim boards. It has a flat base that the wood rests on, and the ability to choose the angle you want to cut. When properly set up it will repeatedly make a perfect 90° cut over and over, ensuring your trim looks professionally installed.

There are lots of different features to pay attention to, but for me, the major ones are the size of the blade, Most common sizes are 7 1/4, 10, and 12 inches. You can choose from single or double bevel, and then there are sliding saws as well.

Here are a bunch of different models in a range of prices, from different manufacturers.

Here are Ten different miter saws ranging from entry level to just below pro-grade. Click on the links to go to the Amazon page.

1. This Bosch 10-inch compound miter saw has dual bevels which allows you to make the difficult compound cuts you see on crown molding. This is one of the more advanced saws on this list

2. The big brother to the first saw on the list is this Bosch 12-inch model. Good for the thickest wood you might encounter.

3. When I upgrade this Bosch 12-inch double angle miter saw will be the one I choose.

4. Instead of coming straight down, this Bosch 12-inch sliding Miter saw cuts across the grain. This usually makes a “cleaner cut”

5. At the other end of the spectrum is this General International 7 1/4 Miter saw. It has a smaller blade (so it can cut wider boards, but is good for the occasional use.

6. A great entry level miter saw is this Genesis 10-inch model. It has a built in laser that shows exactly where the blade will cut. Remember, measure twice, cut once.

7. If you are tight on space but need lots of features you might want to consider the Makita 12-in dual bevel sliding miter saw.

8. This is a 10-inch Metabo Miter Saw that is affordable. It has a large flat table surface that you rest the wood on which is good when you are starting out.

9. Another Miter saw that makes difficult cuts is this Skill 10″ dual bevel sliding saw. A great Miter saw at a good price point.

10. For a Powerful Battery Powered Miter saw look at this 7 1/4 Model. It’s not the biggest, but works anywhere off a 20v Bosch Battery.

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