HomeKit Doorbells

When I was a Kid we used to play Doorbell Ditching. We would sneak up to a house, ring the doorbell and then run across the street to watch the owner open the door to nobody there. But we can’t do that anymore. Doorbells today come with motion sensing cameras that record visitors who even come near the porch.

Apple’s HomeKit has some pretty high security standards, and only one doorbell has full compatibility (hint, its not the Ring Doorbell). I’ve got a short list of the various video doorbells that have some HomeKit compatibility out of the box.

While it is possible to connect a Ring Doorbell to Apple HomeKit, you need another device called a Homebridge to make the connection complete. The other doorbells on this list offer the same or even better functionality, at a similar price. I personally have the Logitech Circle View, and it hasn’t let me down yet.

Here are the top 3 video doorbells for Apple HomeKit

As this is written at the end of 2021, there is only 1 officially recognized doorbell that is compatible with Homekit, and that is the Logitech Circle view. There are some others that are very good, so they are mentioned below in the table.

Logitech Circle ViewNetatmo Smart Video DoorbellArlo Essential Wireless Video Doorbell
Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell
Size4.68 x 1.65 x 1.1 inches5.3 x 1.1 x 1.8 inches1.8 x 1 x 1.5 inches
ConnectionshardwiredhardwiredHardwired or remote
Comes withThe Doorbell
multiple mounting options,
Chime Kit,
& wiring to connect to a wired doorbell system
doorbell, Micro SD card,
& wiring and hardwire to connect to existing doorbell system
the doorbell and base
a battery pack
an angled mounting plate,
release pin, a battery charging cable, and assorted hardware
Top Video Doorbells for Apple HomeKit – Updated for 2022

1. Logitech Circle View


  • Face Recognition
  • Head-to-toe HD video
  • Color night vision
  • Package Recognition
  • End to end Encryption

The Logitech Circle View Doorbell is the first (and currently the only) fully compatible Doorbell that works with HomeKit. It has a modern glass surface and a slim design that looks great with any entrance.

This is a hardwired Doorbell – meaning you need to have some little wires coming out of your old doorbell to connect this to. That’s pretty standard for houses in the USA. If you have an apartment or something else, I’d check to make sure this will work for you

Logitech Circle View HomeKit Compatible Doorbell

But, when connected to HomeKit you get some cool features like face and package recognition. Not only do you get to see who is at your door on your Apple TV 4K or your iPhone (if you have a hub connected), but if someone comes to your door, and you have identified them as a friend in your photos app, it will tell you their name. And you can talk with them via 2-way communication in real time.

Plus, when connected to HomeKit – there is no more secure video doorbell. Unlike other subscription doorbell systems, which store their data on other servers, the last 10 days your video lives in your iCloud account, depending on your plan.

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2. Netatmo Video Doorbell

Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell
Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell


  • See who is at your door on your iPhone
  • 2 way communication with built in speaker
  • Easy to install
  • Secure – Data is stored locally on SD card
  • Night vision
  • no subscription needed

The Netatmo Video Doorbell is a bit different from the other doorbells – sure, it has a lot of the same features like being able to see who is at your door on your iPhone, and two-way communication. But what is interesting to me, is the security of it.

I am super interested in privacy and security on the web. Especially when it comes to home security. That’s why I added this video doorbell to my list (and put it in the #2 position). It doesn’t require a subscription to an on-line service like other video doorbells. Instead the data is stored locally on a Micro SD card that you can remove and watch on your laptop.

Also I really like the modern, euro styling of this unit. Thought I should add that in for y’all.

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3. Arlo Wireless Video Doorbell


  • Wireless
  • head to toe view 180°
  • HD Quality

I’ll be discussing the wireless version of this doorbell. The wired one is very similar, but since there are two wired doorbell reviews above, I thought it would be good to have a wireless option. Basically a wireless doorbell has two parts – the doorbell which everybody sees on the outside of the house, and an internal chime that notifies people inside someone is at the door. Plus this also can connect to your WiFi and has similar features to all the others.

This doorbell also comes in two colors- black or white. Mounts easily with the included kit. The manufacturer says the battery will last up to 6 months, however, I must have more people coming to my house because I got about half that life out of it.

Because it is a wireless version, this is great for renters, and apartment dwellers who can’t re-wire their house to accommodate a wired doorbell. Also this would be great for 2nd entrances (think back door). Or if you have an outdoor office or workshop – or even inside your house if you need privacy during the work week and don’t want to be interrupted with someone bursting through the door. So many uses.

The Arlo has a subscription plan as well – similar to Ring – where you have to pay a monthly fee to access your stored video footage. I could still see things in real time, but not the older stuff.

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Which video doorbell works best with Apple HomeKit?

There is only one doorbell that has 100% compatibility with Homekit – and that is the Logitech Circle view – it has seamless integration with the Apple ecosystem, and incorporates face and package recognition as a standard feature. It also stores all it’s data on iCloud, so you don’t need an additional subscription service.

Which Doorbell is Homekit?

Homekit doesn’t come with a Doorbell, but you can add one. Instead Homekit is a frame work from Apple that integrates all your home automation devices into an easy to use app called Home which is already on your iPhone.

Do RING doorbells support HomeKit?

Rind Doorbells require a home bridge to work with Homekit, and then they don’t have 100% functionality. There are other articles that explain in detail how to make it work, but my regular readers know that I focus on products that work right out of the box, or natively with Apple HomeKit. Right now the only one that does is the Logitech Circle View. It is priced similarly and has all the same features. Plus there is no monthly subscription needed like with Ring.

Does NEST doorbells work with Homekit

Nest Doorbells require a homebridge to work natively with Homekit. There are way to connect it, but you won’t get all the features that other Video doorbells that are developed specifically for Homekit have.

Do you need Apple TV for a Video Doorbell in Homekit?

In order to have all the features available, it is best to have an Apple TV 4K as your Hub in your HomeKit setup. You will be able to see Picture in Picture if someone is at your front door – plus you will be able to remotely see, using your iPhone who is at your front door, no matter where you are in the world – and you can talk with them in real time.

Additionally with the new IOS15 – Homekit has introduced Package recognition, so you can get alerts via Siri or on your phone that a box is waiting for you at the front door.


As of this article (which I will update when there are more 100% compatible HomeKit video doorbells) right now the only one is the Logitech. It claims my #1 spot, and honestly, between all the others, it does have the best features. The price is a bit on the higher side, so maybe wait until you get a gift card from Grandma, or see it on sale somewhere, but for $200 you get a great high quality, modern looking WiFi Doorbell. The other’s aren’t bad, but they just don’t have 100% HomeKit compatibility, yet.