Have you ordered AirTags yet?

It’s Christmas Day, and I don’t usually do much. We watched the kiddo open presents – went to the In-laws for a few hours, and ended the day with Football and our traditional Chinese Food.

One thing the kiddo wanted was a new water bottle. I guess all his friends have these fancy Hydro Flask water bottles.

What 4th grader needs a $50 water bottle?

Worse yet is that he has lost more water bottles than I can remember. I’ve been to the playground at school. I’d expect there to be lost water bottles everywhere – ankle deep in some places, if every kid lost as many as mine.

But not this one. I have vowed that this will not be lost like the others.

Black Hydroflask Bottle with Sport Top
Black Hydroflask Bottle with Sport Top

To prevent it from joining the water bottle graveyard (wherever it might be) I have just ordered my first 4 pack of Apple AirTags, so that I can connect one to the bottle, and hopefully prevent it from every walking away.

My plan is simple – the sport top of the Hydro has a built in ring, and if I use the Belkin AirTag Keychain connectors to attach the AirTag to it, we should be good. It uses a keychain style connector so that it will be difficult to remove.

I wanted to make sure the connection was secure. If you’ve ever seen a 9 year old boy play, drink and fidget at the same time, you know that if it can be removed or broken – it will. I’m putting a lot of trust into this hydration system.

Because when you add it all up – it’s close to a semester of college tuition at an ivy league school – well maybe not exactly, but it is a lot.

At least I’m not contributing to the excessive waste of single use plastic water bottles