What are some examples of Home Automation Systems?

When I was getting started with Home Automation I knew some of the more basic things that were possible, but I really didn’t know how far it could go. I’m still on my journey with HomeKit, and am always excited to see what others do to make their life at home easier, and more responsive. … Read more

HomeKit Doorbells

When I was a Kid we used to play Doorbell Ditching. We would sneak up to a house, ring the doorbell and then run across the street to watch the owner open the door to nobody there. But we can’t do that anymore. Doorbells today come with motion sensing cameras that record visitors who even … Read more

2022: time to Connect

As I sit on the couch, with fireworks going off in the background, I think back on the last year, and simultaneously look forward to what’s next. We have been isolated by Covid-19 for almost 2 years now. It’s covid-NIENTEEN. Let that sink in. Two entire years gone, poof! As I look ahead, I’m hoping … Read more

What does Apple HomeKit do?

When it comes to Home Automation, there are a lot of different systems, or frameworks out there. I’ve been using Apple HomeKit for a few years now because of how easy and secure it is. I’d like to share some of the different things it can do to automate your home, simplify your life, and … Read more

Do You Need to Hire a Company to Automate Your Home?

Should I hire a provessional to automate my house

Should you DIY, or hire a professional to automate your home? I was wondering this exact same question a few weeks ago and I learned that for most homeowners (and especially renters) Home Automation can be done without hiring anyone and with quite a substantial savings to your wallet. Should You Hire Someone to Automate … Read more

Have you ordered AirTags yet?

It’s Christmas Day, and I don’t usually do much. We watched the kiddo open presents – went to the In-laws for a few hours, and ended the day with Football and our traditional Chinese Food. One thing the kiddo wanted was a new water bottle. I guess all his friends have these fancy Hydro Flask … Read more

Smart Switches or Smart bulbs – which is better?

Smart Switches or Smart bulbs – which is better

When I was getting started with home automation I didn’t know if it was better to buy smart bulbs and replace the traditional bulbs in my current fixtures or if I should replace all the regular switches in my home with smart switches. After reading a bunch of articles and thinking about my particular situation … Read more

Top Hubs for Apple HomeKit (updated for 2022)

Homekit iOS15 Multi Camera display in Apple TV

I didn’t know how easy Getting started with home automation in the Apple ecosystem would be. Let me tell you – it is so simple! While it’s not necessary to have a hub, if you do, you’ll be able to control all the devices in your home from anywhere in the world. These are the … Read more

HomeKit iOS15 Updates

Homekit Package detection on iPhone and Apple TV

Every year, during their World Wide Developer Conference, Apple announces new products and major updates and upgrades to their devices and software. One of the major upgrades was iOS 15 – the newest operating system, and it had a lot of exciting upgrades for Homekit. In the WWDC 2021 HomeKit presentation which was virtual, they … Read more

Why I switched to Siri in my Home Automation

I started with home automation the same way most people do. I picked up an Amazon Echo Dot for under $20 and simply plugged it in. I thought it was cool to be able to ask questions to Alexa and have her answer them. In the beginning some of the answers were spot on and … Read more

Why I use Smart Light Switches

One popular debate is if you should change the light switch or the bulb when automating the lighting in your home. I chose to convert all my regular light switches to Smart switches for a few different reasons. It was important to me that all the switches throughout the house were the same. I wanted … Read more

Using Automation to turn off lights

How to turn off lights Automatically with Homekit

One of the first things that I did when getting started with home automation was to set up an automation to turn off lights automatically. I was tired of running across the house and up the stairs to turn off the lights when my kiddo left them on in his playroom. I’ve written a story … Read more

Installing my First Siri Controlled Light

Lutron Caseta Switch

The way I got started with home automation was because I was lazy. I always thought home automation was kind of cool, but I also thought that was too complicated AND expensive for me to get involved with. Let me tell you that it’s no longer complicated. PLUS in the long run, it actually saves … Read more

What is HomeKit?

Home Pod mini with a MacBook Pro on a desk

Are you wondering what Apple HomeKit is? Do you want to get started with Home Automation, but don’t know where to start? Well, you have come to the right place. In this easy to understand article you will learn all about why Apple Homekit is the best Home Automation system. By the end of the … Read more