Steel Frame Tiny House

When it comes to building a Tiny House, several different construction methods can be used. There is the traditional method with wood studs. Some use modern SIPs. Today let’s talk about steel frame tiny house construction. Steel is a great material to use for the framing of your Tiny House. Not only is it much … Read more

Tiny House Shell

If you are like me, you are absolutely intrigued with the tiny house movement. There are so many TV shows and YouTube channels with people living the dream. Plus there’s the cost. It is only a fraction of what a traditional home costs. The most affordable way to get started is to simply buy a … Read more

Do You Know the Difference Between Prescriptive Easement vs Adverse Possession?

You might be wondering if your neighbor has the right to access your property without your permission and if they do, when does it become their property instead of yours? Understanding the difference between prescriptive easement vs adverse possession can be tricky. It is important to understand that the landowner does not get a Prescriptive … Read more

26 Alternatives to Buying an AirBnB in Austin

Austin, TX

30 day or less rentals are proving to be a very profitable way to invest in real estate, especially in Central Texas. Here are some short term rental alternatives in neighboring cities that are good choices. Keeping track of all the different ordinances and restrictions can be challenging, so I’ve created this easy-to-use table with … Read more

Understanding Short Term Rentals in Austin


Renting your house out on Homeaway or AirBnB can be a great way to make some extra money. Understanding Short Term Rentals in Austin is essential for success. There are three categories of STRs in Austin this article will explain. You will also learn what is required to apply for and keep your rental license … Read more

What is Substitution in Real Estate?

When valuing a property, lots of different factors need to be considered. How can two homes which are perhaps next door to each other and seem so very similar, vary widely in the price? One way to determine this is using substitution in Real Estate appraisals. The principle of substitution is that the value of … Read more

What is Plottage in Real Estate? I’ve got the answer.

There are actually two terms that get confused frequently. Assemblage and Plottage. They are two real estate definitions that are commonly mixed up. Plottage is the increased value that is obtained when two or more parcels are assembled together. The process of joining adjacent independent plots is called Assemblage. In real estate, it is very … Read more

What does CTG mean in Real Estate?

Did you know there are over 500 MLS listing service organizations in America? That means there are a lot of different terms that can be used when houses get listed. CTG status means Contingent – that the house has accepted a contract but there are some Contingencies or parts of the contract that must be … Read more

Learn the Alta Settlement Statement vs HUD Differences

Understanding the ALTA Statement

As you enter the final days of Escrow, your settlement agent will provide you with disclosures to review before closing. This is the time when all the numbers finally come together for both the buyers and the sellers. Here we will Learn the Alta Settlement Statement vs HUD Differences, and why neither is required. Over … Read more

What is Active Contingent in Real Estate?

Did you know there are over 580 different Multiple Listing Systems (MLS) in America? And each of them has its own database and set of rules. There is no standard. As a prospective buyer, this can be confusing, so it is important to understand the MLS rules in the area you are looking for. One … Read more

What is a Straight Note in Real Estate

Although it might seem like a part of a music song, a straight note is a form of a promissory note. But exactly what type of loan is it? Straight notes are a type of mortgage note where you make interest-only payments for a short time, and then the entire principle is due. There are … Read more