The Brown Patch

Once upon a time, there was a man. This man had had his mid-life crisis, and was beginning to do the things that older men do. He wore a lot of Hawaiian shirts. He kept his car very clean. He spent a little too much time on lawn care.

This last job was one of his favorites. Edging, mowing, blowing. Weed control and fertilization. He was very proud of the fact that he only used natural fertilizers. Organic all the way, baby!

Then one day, seemingly overnight a large patch of his turf turned brown. Not the entire lawn, just one section on the side of the house.

The man didn’t think it was something wrong with the soil, because just a few feet over, on his neighbor’s lawn it was still green.

No, this was a watering issue he quickly determined.

But the sprinklers went off on schedule – he could hear them when he would get up to go to the bathroom (as older men frequently do).

Further investigation was needed.

He decided to manually check the sprinklers for that area. Lo and behold zone 4 was set to ZERO minutes. Buy why he wondered?

After turning the system on, and setting zone 4 to water for 30 minutes, it quickly became apparent to the man that 2 sprinkler heads were broken. The water gushed out of the ground like old faithful.

It just so happens that in addition to the sprinklers doing their job, mother nature had been helping throughout the winter and spring months with some rain of her own. Then once the temperature during the days started to hit 100, and the rain stopped, the sections of the lawn that were getting water were doing fine, but the areas that didn’t get any sprinkler water didn’t end up so well.

So the man went to the hardware store and got some adjustable flexible risers, new sprinkler heads, and a few fittings to make everything come together.

An hour later, when he re-tested zone 4, everything worked perfectly!

Now this section will get a little extra water for the next few days.

I just hope I caught it in time. I mean – The MAN hopes he got to it in time.