What does your Dining Table say about you?

When we decided to move, one of the conditions we set early, was “nothing ugly is coming to the new house” That meant our old black IKEA dining table was getting donated, and we would have to find a new dining table for everyday use.

You would think it would be easy. It’s not.

Did you know that dining room tables come in different shapes? Each says something about you – and I’m going to put on my POP-psychology (did you see the Dad joke in that) hat on, and let you know what each means. Take each with a grain of salt, or take it personally. I don’t care 🙂

Rectangular Dining Table

If you have a Rectangular dining table (ie farmhouse style), you like tradition. The Dad sits in the Power seat, at the head of the table, the wife sits at the other end (typically closer to the kitchen), and then guests are seated on the longer edges. If you arrange your guests boys on one side and girls on the other side, you are way to organized, and if you alternate boy-girl-boy-girl then you may have control issues.

Square Dining Table

Nothing says family time like a square dining table. Growing up, this was the style table we had in our breakfast room, and everybody had their “side”.

Since it’s a square, all sides are equal, which prevents arguments between siblings. Plus it is an equal reach for everyone to get that last slice of pizza.

Round Dining Table

If you have a round dining table, you are into harmony. Life is a circle, and your choice in dining room furniture choice is all about creating peace and calm and tranquility. Everyone at the table is equal, and should feel comfortable sharing their feelings

I really like the clean modern look of these tulip style round tables. They come in a variety of sizes and materials, and can fit in almost any space. The round-ness breaks up the typical square angles of modern dining rooms.

Oval Dining Table

Of all the different kinds of dining room tables, oval tables are my favorite. They combine all the different features of each of the different styles, but are softer.

Done wrong, this style can look traditional, and dated, and just plain old, but if you get the materials and proportions just right, it’s magical!

I found some guidelines that were helpful when looking for a table for your space:

Table placement: In terms of space, try to leave 36” from the edge of your table to the nearest wall or piece of furniture.
Table accessibility: Ensure your guests have ample room to sit down and rise from the table with ease.
Chair spacing: Leave 24”-30” per chair for comfortable seating.

What’s your favorite style table?