Home Tour


Late in 2019 we moved into a newer home in a subdivision. It wasn’t our first home, and probably won’t be our last.

While it had all the features we wanted, bedrooms, bathrooms, location, and yard, inside it was 99% builder grade. It had the beige walls. The brown carpet. Standard light fixtures.

HIll Country Views
This is the amazing view we enjoy every day.

What appealed to us most was the light, the tall ceilings, and the amazing view of the canyon through the huge picture windows at the back of the house.

A previous owner had upgraded some of the window treatments, and installed some cool tile backsplash in the kitchen, but everything else is a blank slate.

We moved in, and then the Coronaviurs pandemic happened.

All our plans to decorate, update, and make the house our own got put on hold.

That was 6 months ago. Now we get to pick up where we left off.

Here are the original photos of our house when we bought it, with a quick note about why I love each room!