15 Things to do after buying a house

Today at 10:00 I put myself (and my wife) into debt until the year 2039. After 60 minutes, 27 signatures, and 14 initials, we had a bottle of champagne, a huge gift basket of goodies, and two electric garage door openers.

I’m just about to crash for the night, but first I wanted to share with you some thoughts I had throughout today, my first day of home ownership.

15 Things to do after buying a house

  1. Call a locksmith and change all the outside door locks.  You don’t know if somebody’s buddy still has a key, and might decide to let himself in and crash on the couch.
  2. Change utilites to your name: gas, electric, water, sewer, garbage, telephone
  3. Visit the post office, and pick up a change of address packet.  Fill it out.
  4. Make sure you have a pizza delivery phone number programmed into your speed dial.
  5. Buy a big pack of Toilet Paper, and place next to a working toilet.
  6. Check the batteries in your new smoke detectors.
  7. Map out the nearest Ace Hardware, Lowes, and Home Depot, and Gas Station.
  8. Set-up high speed internet access.
  9. Bring your cell phone wall charger, so you don’t have to sit in the car and talk while the phone charges from the lighter adaptor.
  10. Change the Garage door opener codes.
  11. Find out what day is garbage day, and set your iCal alarm to the night before.
  12. Buy a lawnmower, and push it over the grass every week so the homeowner association doesn’t get on your case.
  13. Get a set of basic tools:  Hammer, screwdrivers, pliers, tape measure, ladder, and putty scraper.  No need to go overboard right now.
  14. Get some basic cleaning stuff, including soap and paper towels to put by the sink.  So you can wash and dry your hands as necessary.
  15. Finally, you might want to pick up a toilet plunger, just in case.
  16. BONUS – Leave a review for your agent on Zillow

What did you do after you bought your house?  I’d love to know.  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Go meet your neighbors and exchange contact info. Don’t wait for them to do this; take the initiative! If you wait too long, it becomes awkward.

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