Where are all the shelter blogs written by men?

It is so hard finding good, current shelter or DIY blogs to read.

It’s even harder to find some written from the guy’s perspective.

Two of my favorites are Kim & Scott of Yellow Brick Home and Sherry & John from Young House Love – one is actively still blogging, the other has stopped blogging on their website, but launched a Podcast (which isn’t exactly the same thing, but something I love listening to every week).

Yellow Brick Home Kitchen
Kim & Scott beautiful Yellow Brick Home’s Kitchen
Young House Love
Such a comfortable Living room from John and Sherry of Young House Love

I love good photography, and beautifully styled rooms.  I don’t always need all the step by step DIY how-tos, or material lists.  Mostly I just want inspiration, and a little bit of “what were they thinking” when they started this project.  For me that’s the fun part.  Especially when they are written as a good story.

Why are blogging guys so rare in this space?  Is it that they don’t have the same sense of style?  Are they computer illiterate?  Impossible!  Is there no audience for them?

I don’t think so – there are some great male designers like Colin Cowie and Jeff Lewis, but they don’t really blog that much.  There are of course lots more but I don’t have the ability to add them all here.

A Jeff Lewis Styled House
A Jeff Lewis Styled House

A few others I want to shout out specifically are:  Daniel Kanter who authors Manhattan-Nest is one of the rare guy home bloggers, and Chris from Chris Loves Julia is another one where I have read every post.  Every single one.

Manhattan Nest
Warm and Masculine – the living room on Manhattan Nest
Chris and Julia
I could cook all day in Chris and Julia’s Kicthen

Finding the perfect blog to stalk is hard.  I think Emily Henderson says it best:

To find blogs that have great ideas, information and pretty styling and photography is super rare.

And when you start to look for one written by a dude, the list gets real short real quick.

The combination of all those things, as well as the ability to tell and write a great story keeps me coming back again and again.

Are you like me?  Do you prefer a blog that stays on topic – one that is almost from the perspective of the house?

Who are your favorite male / guy shelter bloggers?  Let us know in the comments below. – Thanks!

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  1. I couldn’t agree more… There aren’t a lot of us out there. My new site (ourphillyrow) is short on content because we haven’t moved there yet (hopefully by early next year). But I have plans for a lot of posts on the renovation/restoration and once we get settled in. My current site (http://halfclassicsix.com) has slowed down as my focus has shifted (just as I was building a consistent readership). But it was a good start and I hope to carry it forward with the new one.

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