When a house finds an owner

Up until I saw this, I didn’t like to hear people talking during a real estate video.

This changes my mind.

Take a look, and let me know what you think:


Brendan McDermott, and his wife Christina are developers in Hollywood, California, and they did a great job telling the story of this beautiful updated Spanish style house.

Relaxed StorytellingI love how they describe the house, as well as talking about all the updates they did.  I feel like I really get to know the place, even though I’ve never been inside it.  They are relaxed, as they tell us the story of the home.  Like we were talking to them during a cocktail party, or other casual event.  As they tell us about the house, the video cuts away from them speaking, to actually show us the different rooms, style, and characteristics of the place, using a simple voice over technique that keeps me engaged.

Their decorating style is incredible

As they describe the beautiful home, they first talk about the basics of the remodeling and renovation of the house.  They discuss their philosophies, describe their credentials, and all of this is done in a low-key conversational tone.  Very professional.

Then they talk about the way the house is situated on the lot, and how the light, air and views are all a part of their design process.

Casual bedroomThey talk about the things they did to the home, the updates, the way they modernized it, but stayed true to the original style of the home.

“The elements of this home needed to be extremely profound”  They selected materials, paint, and fixtures that compliment the original architecture.

Continuing through the house they discuss the kitchen, the backyard, with pool and grassy area.

And then they talk about the street and expand it to the neighborhood – all the cool features about living in old Hollywood.

Three things I love about this video.

One of my favorite cuts on this video is at the 1:24 mark, when they do a quick time lapse shot off one of the porches.  There is a beautiful view through the trees of downtown LA, and the shot shows the view you would get over time as the sun sets, and all the lights of the city come up.  Very nice.

Vintage glass door knobAnother cool trick they use is to jump from two different perspectives of a room.  First they talk about the overall feel and flow of a room, and show you a great overview shot of the space.  Then, as they get into more detail about the specifics of the different materials, the camera shows shots of the different tiles, light fixtures, and fabrics used.  The effect is very subtle, but not unnoticed.  For instance, as Christina talks about the different architectural details, the camera pans across a beautiful vintage door handle, and we get to see the patina on the old metal, and even a few scratches showing this item had a previous life, but was saved for this home.

Finally, they use one other clever trick in during the 4 minute long video that I didn’t notice until I had watched in almost a dozen times (that’s how much I like it).  At the beginning of the video, it’s morning, and we get to see the beautiful light in the home.  As the video progresses, by the end it is completely dark outside, and we get to experience the way the lighting fixtures illuminate the spaces.  Nice touch.

I know I’ll be using a lot of these techniques in my 2014 real estate videos.  Will you?


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