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I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday.  As for my family we had a nice brunch with the in-laws, then spent the afternoon at a friend’s house where there was an egg hunt for the kids, and a beer hunt for the adults.  This week, Spring is in full bloom here in Austin, and with that, I added a few spring cleaning tips into this week’s kickoff as well as the usual tech tips, decorating, and lifestyle ideas.  I hope you have a great week!

7 Common Chores you may be doing wrong

Cutting the cord? Here’s everything you need to know about digital HTDV Antennas.

Do you love Mid century modern homes as much as I do? Here’s your midmod inspiration for the week

Don’t forget to clean your Tech.  Who knows where it’s been!

Follow these simple tips to ensure your living room never looks dated.

Garage storage.  Don’t ever let it get out of control.

Our friends over at Camille Styles are building a new office with a butler’s pantry.  Here’s how they did it.

How to Vlog like Casey Neistat.  Go ahead and try.  I dare you.

Is your dog really a cat?

Next time you are in Austin, be sure to dine at one of these restaurants with outdoor patios, from another one of our favorite Austin Food Bloggers.

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