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Tesla Solar Roof Tiles

Here in Austin, it’s the first full week of Summer vacaction.  Austin ISD, let out last week, and now the roads are just a little bit less crowded, the swimming pools are a bit more busy, and the shaved ice trailers will all be opening.This week, my kiddo goes from being 4 to 5.  Instead of having the party at our house, we signed up to use our neighborhood clubhouse and pool.  That way 60 adults and kids won’t be running all over the place, and the area has enough fridge storage for all the beverages, bathrooms to change in, and even a play area for the little tiny ones who aren’t yet swimming.  Plus there are lifeguards on duty, so I can relax and enjoy an adult beverage.

I’ve put together some of my favorite articles for you to read through this week while you spend some time relaxing at your favorite swimming place.  Here’s to desires and their completions!

Austin is full of resale shops.  Follow these tips to shop like a pro at 2nd hand stores.

Tesla roof tiles are coming, and sooner than you think.

Taking Amazon Dash buttons to the next level.

Use furniture in your loft or open floor plan to make “rooms”

Brass handles on dark cabinets are the next big kitchen trend that I’m seeing

Keep your fridge neat, tidy, & organized using the Kondo method

Everything you wanted to know about fidget spinners but was afraid to ask.

Your garden doesn’t have to stop at your driveway.

Things my dad taught me about turning a house into a home.

A men’s guide to visiting a spa.


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