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Black Doorknobs on White Doors

This weekend is Memorial Day, the traditional ending to the school year.  I always remember that Labor Day is when school starts because that’s when I had to go back to work (as a student), and Memorial Day is at the end, because I get to remember all the fun things I did.

This week I’m making a shift in the blog – Yes I’m still a Real Estate Agent, and I’ll still be doing the Austin Real Estate Podcast, and positing houses in Northwest Austin that are for sale, but I’m also going to add a few posts per month on home repair, decorating, and even automation.  My most popular post, by far, is about removing popcorn from your ceiling.  So I have to give you, my readers what you want, and I’ll be sharing more home improvement ideas from time to time.  Do you have any in particular you want to see?

True or false – Should I keep butter in the refrigerator or on the counter-top?

These arent your fathers Hi-Fi speakers.

If you love vinyl (as in records) you need to follow this guy on Insta.

Black doorknobs on white doors.

Unpack these essentials first when you move into your new house.

What the F is a cloud egg?

One revolution of these wind turbines can power your home for a full day.

Austins own Camille Styles did a recent interview – I’d love to get her on my Podcast.  Tweet her to let her know.

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