Today is the Last Day of Automatic Syndication

Today is a is big day in Austin Real Estate.  Today is the last day that ABoR, the Austin Board of Realtors is Automatically syndicating listings.  As a buyer or seller in Austin, that has some impact on you.  If you just own a house, and are happy this doesn’t affect you at all.  But if you are in the market for Real Estate, or trying to sell your home, I’d pay attention.

There are a bunch of reasons as to why syndication is being halted. Lots of people are for it, and a lot are against it, so the local real estate board made it a broker decision.  I’m not going to get into all the politics about it, because it really doesn’t matter.  This article isn’t for Realtors – this is for homebuyers, and sellers.   Austin Realtors are very divided on this issue, but that is another blog post.

stock-footage-stop-sign-with-timelapse-clouds-hdNINE of the largest Austin Real Estate Companies that are NOT syndiacing – most likely their listings won’t be on Trulia, Zillow, And a bunch of other sites.  What does that mean?  Well those two real estate websites are #1 and #2 in Google searches.  Most people use those to find their next home.

Here is a list of 9 Austin brokerages not syndicating:   Austin Realty, Sky Realty, Reilly Realtors, Vox Real Estate, Crossland Real Estate, Regent Property Group, Bramlett Residential, Cantera Real Estate, and Austin Referral Realty, Inc.  This makes up a large percentage of the Realtors in Austin.  Is your agent doing syndication?

What does that mean if I am looking to buy a house in Austin?

If you haven’t heard, the housing market in Austin is HOT.  You can see detailed monthly statistics here, if you have the time, but if you don’t take my word for it.  Houses are selling very fast in Austin.  People from all over the country are moving to Austin, and if they use one of the big Real Estate websites, your house won’t be featured on them.  That means if a couple in California wants to buy your $500,000 house, and they are searching for it on Trulia, it won’t show up as for sale.

As a home seller, how does that affect me?

traffic-lightFor most people, when you are selling your house, you want as many people as possible to see it.  Of course, some sellers prefer pocket listings (my specialty), but for most, exposure to as many people as possible  is very important.

That’s the job of your Realtor, to get you exposure, and work hard to sell your place as quickly as possible, and for the most money possible.  Today, that means using the internet as effectively, as 90% of all home searches start on the Web.

How to check to see if your house is syndicated

To check to see if your house is being syndicated, you will need to check two websites.  One is the Austin MLS Database, to see if it is actually listed (this is a control in our little experiment).  All homes currently available are in the Austin MLS (with a few exceptions like pocket listings), so this is a good place to start to be sure.  Most people don’t have access to the Austin MLS, but as a Real Estate Agent in Austin, I do, and I’ve set up this Home Search to allow you to do it too.

1)  Click on this link:  to access the Austin Realtor MLS.  This is a direct feed from the Austin MLS, and is the most accurate search I know about for properties in Austin.

2)  Now check Zillow.  Type in your address into the search bar and if you don’t see your house listed as for sale, your realtor isn’t doing syndication with Zillow.

If you want to be sure your home is listed on these sites, give me a call.  I can help.


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