The next Silicon Valley

I lived in the real Silicon Valley during the dot com boom.  I remember driving past the original building, the internet startup with infamous sock dog puppet commercial.

mclaren-f1One time, while driving my old Honda down Middlefield Road in Palo Alto, some 20’s something dot-com-er millionaire pulled up next to me in a shiny new McLaren F1.  We were both first at the red light, and when it turned green, I drove away, and he stalled out.  To me, that was the epitome of the Silicon Valley of the 90’s

It will never exist again the same way.  But, Austin is making a run for it.

Dell, the personal computer maker has their headquarters here for years, and last spring Apple computer announced they are expanding their established Austin campus and bringing a $304 million operation center.  This comes with an additional 3,600 jobs.

Google has an office at Mopac and 183, and Facebook opened their first remote office outside California in Austin, a few years back.  Also, both National Instruments and IBM have had a presence her for years.

Austin keeps making national news, and ending up at the top of all kinds of lists – Top 10 cities People are moving to, Austin surpasses San Francisco as 12th largest US city, Forbes ranks Austin in the top 10 nationally for business, and the lists go on and on.

The way the housing market is going here is similar to what happened in the Silicon valley of the early 90’s, too.  Housing prices are rising, inventory is decreasing, and people are moving here from all over.

Now’s the time to get into the Real Estate market.  All the signs are point to it.  Don’t let me say I told you so in 5 years.