The most complete list of the best neighborhoods in Austin for 2015

It seems like every few months another national publication is singing the praises of living in Austin.  They put out a 10 best neighborhood list, or the top 5 zip codes in Austin, or something similar.  Well, I’ve taken all those lists and put them in one easy to reference place for you.

What is so cool about all these lists is that they come from both inside AND outside of Austin.  Some of these are local blogs or papers, while others are more nationally recognized websites.  Most of them have the same core of areas as their favorites, but every so often something unique pops up, and I can tell you from experience that these ARE the places people want to live in when the come to Austin.

Here they are, in no particular order, 9 of the best neighborhoods in Austin.

Austin Monthly where to live in Austin

The fantastic Magazine, Austin Monthly compiled the top 10 neighborhoods with the best bets to buy homes in Austin in 2015


10 of the hottest zip codes in the country

Realtor dot Com didn’t exactly put a 10 best areas in Austin, but they named the 78729 Zip code one of the Hottest of the Hot zip codes in America.

Austin's richest zip codes

The Austin Business Journal took a bunch of data and gave us a list of the 10 zip codes where the wealthiest people live in Austin.

Austin Relocation Guide 10 popular neighborhoods

Whenever I have a client who calls me from out of the state, I always send them a free copy of the Austin Relocation Guide.  Here’s their take on the 10 most popular neighborhoods in Austin.

5 Great Austin Neighborhoods

Here are 5 Great Neighborhoods in Austin as seen by the website Great American Country, the website for the TV show.


Gay Friendly neighborhoods in Austin

This is a list of the best neighborhoods from a slightly different perspective.  Here are the top 10 most gay-friendly neighborhoods in Austin, Texas.

Best Food and drinks in Austin Neighborhoods

Here’s an interesting way to rank neighborhoods.  Forget home values, and socioeconomic status.  Make a list based on the best food and drink areas in a neighborhood.  That’s what Thrillist did.

Best Neighborhoods in Austin

I’m not entirely sure how Street Advisor came up with their list of best neighborhoods in Austin, but after looking at their choices, it doesn’t seem too far off.  Check it out here.

Culturemap Austin guide to 9 hot neighborhoods

Culture Map Austin interviewed a bunch of local Real Estate experts (Sadly I wasn’t included), and came up with these 9 hot areas for homebuyers.

What are your thoughts on the Hottest neighborhoods in Austin?  Add your favorite to the comments below.

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