The end of my first semester.

I’m officially half-way to becoming a real estate agent.  Today I took two final exams, back to back.  I’ve written about taking two tests back to back before, and since it wasn’t so hard the first time, I did it again.

Today wasn’t much different, except that it is finals week at ACC and the testing center was super busy.

I also had to risk getting a parking ticket because my usual secret parking spots were all taken.

You see, I never ever pay for a parking permit at ACC when I’m not actually sitting in a classroom.  I see it as a waste of money (but I have no problem paying a valet the same amount of money at the Four Seasons to park my car).  Instead, there is a visitor’s lot near the Admissions & Records building, and I usually park there.  The signs indicate that I’m supposed to sign in at the campus police station, but since I’m such a rebel, I just walk right past, and head directly to the testing center.

Sometimes it’s weird to be one of the oldest guys there.  I’m usually dressed in a suit, or at least slacks and a button down shirt, and don’t really fit the “Austin” college look.  99% of the time I have a tie on.

I fill out the little form to request my test with my Cross Sterling Silver pencil, get a key for a locker to store my iPhone, sunglasses, and car keys.
All I am allowed to take into the testing center is my oh so very sleek idea calculator (click on the image to see it on, and whatever scantron forms the testing center folks give me.

I then try to find a seat all by myself, but since this was finals week the testing center was jam packed.  The only open place was between some girl who was trying way too hard to look good, and another guy who was more interested in checking her out than taking his test.  He kept looking up, and over my back to try to see if she would look up at him.  I’ve never seen somebody try to pick up a person during an exam.

I took my two tests, and got out of there fast.  Back home, and, and just in time to have dinner with my wife.


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