A house for sale in Lost Creek

Did you see this newly listed house that goes to Eanes ISD? I’ve got one for you today in Lost Creek. Built in 1977 (and it shows), with 4 bedrooms and 2 and a half bathrooms this 2 story house is ready for updating.

This place has some cool features: a bridge-like front walkway leading to a split level like home.  The main living areas and master bedroom are on the main level with all the kids bedrooms and a large playroom space on the “ground floor”.

But there is a lot of work that would need to be done if you ask me – just look at the kitchen, the wood paneling, and the drop ceiling in the gameroom below the garage.  But it does have 3,150 square feet, a formal living room, and dining room, and is liveable now.

If you are interested in this house in Lost Creek, let me know and I’ll arrange a showing if it is still on the market (otherwise I can probably find something else similar for you)

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Strange ways to meet Real Estate Clients

Real Estate agents are supposed to pick up ALL their open house signs once the open house has ended.  I normally do.  But this one time I didn’t.  Usually leaving out a sign overnight leads to bad things – either the sign will get vandalized or stolen, or a neighbor will call you and ask you (or tell you) to come and get it, or in the worst case, code enforcement can come by and actually fine you. (more…)

Homes for sale in Tarrytown

I’ll be honest, Tarrytown is truly one of my favorite neighborhoods in Austin.  It’s very close to downtown, has beautiful meandering old-growth tree lined streets, plus each home is unique and different. It’s been said that if you are asked where you live in Austin, the only people who answer Tarrytown are the renters.  It reminds me of the neighborhood I grew up in.


Homes for sale in River Place

River Place is a fantastic place to live. It’s as far away as Steiner Ranch, and also not as large, but with a hill country feel, and incredible views. just of 2222, and about 15 minutes away from downtown, River Place is close to major employers, as well as tons of outdoor activities.  One of those little known area that tons of people drive by everyday, but don’t really know much about it.


Homes for sale in Pemberton Heights

Just north of the Old Enfield area of Austin is an even more prestigious area called Pemberton Heights.  These majestic, older homes are only a few minutes away from downtown, and are highly desirable because of the location, size, and style of the houses.

What makes a home in Pemberton Heights so sought after?  First of all they are typically on larger lots.  Secondly this neighborhood is in a great, close in, but private location.  North of windsor, and south of Westover, between Mopac and Lamar, residents of Pemberton Heights are close to everything.  Additionally, many of the streets twist, and turn, and aren’t major arteries leading downtown.

Homes for sale in Old Enfield

There is a neighborhood a bit north, and west of the Austin capital called Old Enfield.  One of the oldest  areas in the city, the stately homes here sit back from streets lined with old growth oaks trees.

Simply called Enfield by most, this small, historical neighborhood shows pride of ownership.  Many of the homes were built  in the 1920’s and ’30’s but have been been beautifully restored over the years.  The front of the homes are old Victorian or colonial, or something similar, but frequently the insides have been completely updated into the ideal soft contemporary house we all dream of.