How to Inspect Washing Machine Hoses

How to inspect washing machine hoses

As a DIYer, and handy-person,  I hear all kinds of stories about problems with houses.  One of the worst is when I hear that a washing machine hose has burst, and flooded the entire house.  I didn’t realize that washing machine hoses are under high pressure – pretty much the same pressure as the hoses outside your house that you use to water your garden.  That much!

If they burst – you home can pretty much immediately flood, and the water won’t stop until you turn it off.  That could be a real disaster!

Checking your hoses for your washer takes about 30 seconds.

How to inspect your washing machine hoses.

Look at the hoses – you should easily see the side that connects to the wall, but you may have to move the machine to see the other ends.

Inspect the hoses for bubbles, cracks, cuts, corrosion, and worn places.

Make sure there is about 6 inches between your machine and the back wall so the hoses won’t rub anywhere.

Replace immediately if you see any signs of deterioration.

Bubble on a washing machine hose
This hose is about to fail! There is a large bubble that could burst at any moment. They are likely to be at the ends, but always check the entire length of the hose.
Stainless hose washing machine failure
Even stainless washing machine hoses can fail. This hose was smashed between the washer and the wall and kept getting rubbed on until it failed.

How long do washer hoses last?

Typically Washing machine hoses last about 5 years.  I know mine are much older than that.

Which are the Washer hot and cold valves?

Look at the wall for your washer hot and cold hookups.  Typically the Hot is on the left, and is red, and cold is on the right, and is blue.  Frequently there is a 3rd connection, that is the drain line.  The hot and cold hoses screw onto the machine, and also into the bibs on the wall.  the drain is simply placed

Help! My  washing machine hose connection is leaking slowly.  If this is the case, determine where the leak is.  Completely dry off the area, and look for the leak.  Is it on the hose?  Then shut off the water and replace the hose.  If the leak is at the valve, call a plumber and get it taken care of quickly so it doesn’t become a bigger problem.  I wouldn’t use my washer until it was fixed.