Selling your Home

“Selling your home can be a high-risk, complex, and stressful process.

My calculated home selling process eases the burden.”

Eric and his team collaborate with you throughout the process to make a fast sale, for the most money possible, with the least amount of hassle.

From the very beginning when Eric and his team suggest the improvements you should make to get the best return and the fastest sale for selling your home. The process continues before going on the market with the hiring and overseeing of the vendors, staging the home to present the right image and style, correctly pricing the home to attract buyers. Then the marketing materials are prepared. High quality, professional photos, videos, custom websites, and luxurious print materials. When everything is perfect, Eric takes your home to the market with a big impression. He continues with paid Facebook and Google advertising to reach both local and out of town home buyers. Finally Eric personally consults with you during the negotiating phase, and of course through escrow until closing.

To ease your burden, Eric Hegwer shifts much of the home selling work away from you. Everything from the home improvement phase, to marketing, negotiation, and escrow.

“I have a team of dedicated specialists (e.g., interior designer, listing coordinator, licensed and bonded contractors, handyman, graphic designers, and marketing experts) dedicated exclusively to assisting your through the home-selling process.”

This is one of the many complimentary services for sellers Eric offers to his clients

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