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Eric Estate on TwitterTo my regular readers of this blog, I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything in the last 3 days.  You know I’m super diligent about making regular updates to my Real Estate Blog, but I have a good reason.  A really good reason.  This past Monday, I began my coursework to obtain my Real Estate License.  I make no bones about being a Real Estate Student, just check out my very first post, or my description on my Twitter account.  I started this blog, and my social media accounts (Twitter, and Google+) before I got my Real Estate License for one big reason.

I have friends who have zero experience in a corporate environment who are getting hired with great salaries just because they have 5,000 Twitter followers.  To many, that might sound crazy, but the world is changing, and this is the direction it is headed in.  But, that’s another post that I’ll write when I hit the 5,000 follower milestone.

Also, the number of followers, +1’s, and comments a person amasses, has become a new kind of currency in today’s digital world.  Just a few short years ago, an expert was someone who had published a book, or was written up in a newspaper or appeared on Television.  Today an expert is someone who has a lot of followers.  Honestly, would you rather trust someone who has 89 followers or much much more?

I know it takes time to get a decent following in Social Media.  You have to blog every day, tweet every day, find your voice, and most importantly post content that is interesting to your readers.  For years I’ve been taking pictures as a wedding photographer, and have developed a unique and distinct style to my pictures.  Lots of my previous clients have hired  me just because of the way I write on my old photography blog, and for that I’m grateful.  Since I don’t see myself as a 60 year old wedding photographer, and I don’t want to work for someone else right now, I’ve decided to turn my focus to helping people buy and sell houses.

The other big reason people hire someone is based on a personal recommendation from a friend.  “We used so-and-so, and they were a great negotiator, you should give them a call if you want to buy a house”.  But again, word of mouth referrals are shifting to a digital recommendation in the form of a clicking a Facebook Like or  Google+1 button.  All these clicks add up over time, and get presented to you, in your search results, or friend feeds.

Since these all take time, and I have four required classes to take at Austin Community College before I can sit for the board Exams.  I figure I’ll get started right now.  As I take classes, I’ll write about the process.  That way you will get to know me better, and learn that I really do know my stuff.

My first semester, I’ve signed up for two on-line classes:  Real Estate Principles, and the Law of Agency.  Each of these classes is, what else, on line, and pretty self-paced.  There are specific dates where I have to show up in person and take a test, but for the most part all the coursework is done over the internet.  I’m a little older, now, than when I first went to college.  In fact, the internet was just a baby when I was in college in the late 90’s.  I didn’t get my first email address until I got my first job. in 1998.  Now school is so much different.

This semester is only 12 weeks long, and the summer semester, when I’ll take my other 2 requirements, will be about the same.  Over this time, I’ll be continually blogging, tweeting, and getting the social media street credibility that is so necesary in today’s business world.

Sure, there are other, faster ways to get the requirements out of the way, but I’m not one who takes shortcuts, and I really want to know the material as best I can to be the best possible agent for you.

Be sure to subscribe to my blog, or follow me on twitter, and get all the updates.  It’s bound to be a fun ride.



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