I need a new Handheld Power Drill

I need a new handheld cordless drill.  My last one was a gift I got over 20 years ago – a Chanukkah present from my Dad.  A blue 9v Makita that was part of a kit that included a drill, a flashlight, a saw, a charger, and 2 batteries in a nice carrying case.  Of course I don’t have any photos because it was long before digital cameras, and way before this blog started.

That drill served me well, through our first apartment in Menlo Park, to our move to Austin, and eventually into our first house.  I’ve used it to replace electrical outlets, create furniture from scratch, assemble IKEA bookshelves and cabinets, and so much more.  I reach for that tool more than any other.  It has been reliable, and hard working.  Never letting me down.  Until now.

I’ve been slow to admit it, but – I’ve known that the drill has been dying.  The battery isn’t holding a charge as long as it used to, and the drill itself just doesn’t have the same power as it once used to.  But for sentimental reasons, I haven’t done anything.   Once I thought about just replacing the battery.  That way I’d keep the drill, with all it’s memories.  But , it’s only 9.6v though, and at 20 years old the technology isn’t really cutting edge anymore. Plus, new batteries are going for as much as $72 on Amazon, so for just a bit more I can get a new drill, that should last me another 20 years.

But which one should I get?

It seems like every house blogger has a different favorite:

John and Sherry seem to like a Black and Decker model that’s no longer available.

A Milwaukee drill is featured in in many of Yellow Brick Home’s Photos.

Chris Loves Julia promoted a 20V Dewalt in one of their holiday gift guides.

With so many choices, what is a DIY guy on a budget to choose?  I shop like a man.  I  do minimal research on-line and then just walk into a store (or hit the one-click-order button) and be done.  I want to know that I’m getting not only a hard working handleld drill, but also a good deal.  Something at least as good as the last cordless drill.

After a quick internet search, I’ve narrowed down the choices to the following 6.  I’ve got a short list of features I want.  For this drill I’m not really looking for a system.  Just a hard working tool that won’t crap out on me in 6 months.

  • Good balance
  • Fast Charging
  • Long battery life
  • Keyless chuck
  • Drill & screw mode
  • Rugged and Tough

So I’ve narrowed down my choices to these that all cost around $100 bucks. (links to Amazon products)

Which one should I go with?  Do you have a favorite?  What features do you find most important?  HELP!

Bathroom Art

When I was a kid, I remember this one bathroom stall at a summer camp I used to go to.  It had white tile, with white grout, and someone had made interesting grafitti in it.  Not the usual crude stuff with a sharpie or spray paint.  No.  This person had used a mechanical pencil to write the Grout wall of China.  A significant amount of time had been spent writing tiny sayings, quotes and jokes inside the grout between the tiles.  If you didn’t look carefully it was so easy to miss.  But once you saw it, you just couldn’t stop reading.

Instead of trying to recreate that in our guest bathroom, I decided it was simplier and easier to hang two of my favorite pictures (that I have taken) of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.  The first was inspired by a photo I saw in a Rick Steves Paris Guide Book, and the 2nd was shot later that day.


I’ve got each printed as 9×14 and mounted in the Ikea Ribba frame.  Each hangs in portrait above the commode at eye level and centered in the middle.

How do you decorate your bathroom?  What art do you put there?

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It’s always the little things

I don’s know about you, but in addition to having my house look nice, I like for everything to work. Sadly that isn’t always the case. AmIright?

The house is never perfect, and there are always 101 things on my honey-do list that need constant attention.  Plus, I’m sure you will agree, everyone and everything wants our attention.  I’m 2 for 2 aren’t I?

For the last few weeks (ahem – months), the switch for the garbage disposal next to the sink has been on the fritz.  It would work, sometimes, but only if you jiggled it, or sort of leaned on in in a certain direction when you toggled it on.

Just so you know it’s the switch on the right  – closest to the solar hula girl we got when we were in Hawaii last time.  The other switch is for our dishwasher.  Yep, we have a separate switch that can turn on, and off the dishwashwer independent of any controls on the actual machine.  But that’s a different story.

These kinds of things drive me crazy.  You expect them to work, and they just don’t.  I’ve got a few of these things around the house – stuff like the front porch light that only seems to work when it’s cold outside.  Or the little piece of baseboard that always seems to fall down because it wasn’t nailed in 100%

There’s no need to get into all the details about how to change an electrical switch – there are hundreds of useful YouTube videos for that.  I’ll just share some sexy photos from the process – starting with the new flush mount switches and new cover plate.

The whole process took about an hour – it would have been faster had each switch not been on it’s own circuit.  And the overall TOTAL cost was about $6.  Each switch was $2, and the cover plate was a buck and a half, and now they also match the rest of the switches in our house.

I didn’t opt for the heavy duty switches which are reccomended for this area – because soon we will be remodeling our kitchen.  Obviously, as you can see from the oudtated 4×4 white tiles, and original laminate countertops.

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Konmari for a 46 year old dude

Konmari Method for Men

Let me just say right now that I’m not talking all my stuff and putting it in a big pile in the middle of the room.  That’s. Just. Not. Going. To. Happen.

But I have to ask myself – will the Konmari Method work for a 46 year old father?

You see, here’s my problem.  It’s one I’ve had since I was about 13.  I can’t focus on any work unless the space I’m in is perfect. Of course what is perfect to me is 100% nuts to everybody else.  Isn’t that always the case?

Let me give you an example:  Writing this blog.  I’ve started and abandoned blogging for as long as the internet has been around.  My problem isn’t that I don’t stick to it, it’s that I get distracted.  Here are just a few things that I had to take care of TODAY before I could write this post:

  • Do the dishes
  • Fold the Clothes
  • Mow the Lawn
  • Take the garbage cans out
  • Bring the garbage cans in (as soon as the truck went by)
  • go over the floors quickly with the Dyson
  • check emails

And about 100 other things.  All these chores had to be done before I could focus.  Now, I’m sure there is some great medicine for people like me, but I still manage to get along in life just fine.  I was able to write this post, obviously, but as I click publish, it’s 4:30 IN THE AFTERNOON.

What I am hoping for is a system I can adopt that will keep my life in order so I can focus on the things that are important to me.  Is that too much to ask?

PS – If you are wondering what I’m talking about it’s all in this book.


I love our big old oak tree in the backyard.  I’ts got the perfect placement, so a large majority of our yard is grass for the kiddo and pups to play on, but when the grown ups want to hang out on the deck and just chill in the late afternoon when the Texas sun hits the backyard , we are made in the shade. (more…)

Approaching 19

Flying Ceramic Pig

Next month is my 19th wedding anniversary.

Nineteen years with the same person (plus another 6 or so before I popped the question).

“Ad astra per alia porci”  ~ to the stars on the wings of a pig.

There isn’t much we don’t know about each other after this much time.  Pretty much we have been through it all.  The ups and the down, and even some unexpected sideways curve balls through the years.  We know the ins and outs of our monthly budget, so when I want something (or she does) we just buy it for ourselves.  Except for the really big ticket items – those we still run by each other first.

As you can imaginge, it’s hard to shop for her.  Not only does she have everything she needs, but I’ve been getting anniversary presents for her for nearly 20 years, and am just about tapped out.


That was until the other day when I was touring a house and saw this ceramic flying pig.  Both my wife and I love the Pigasus, as we grew up in Salinas and are big fans of John Steinbeck.  The flying pig was used by Steinbeck as his personal stamp, along with the motto  “Ad astra per alia porci”  ~ to the stars on the wings of a pig.

I had to find one for her!  Turning to her favorite on-line shop, and a quick search, I found the perfect item.  When I noticed that it would be handmade and shipped from Poland, I quickly ordered it.

TIme for a change

For the last 5 years, I’ve been an agent with JB Goodwin. Five wonderful years.

I began my career here, fresh out of real estate school, having just passed the Texas Real Estate Test, I was looking for a brokerage that would help me launch my new life as a Realtor.

My decision couldn’t have been a better one.

Often people underestimate the benefits that a great brokerage plays in a new agent’s life.  Not only do you need help learning all the ins and outs of the buisiess, but also you want to find a broker that doesn’t charge you an arm and a leg for trainings, or take a huge cut of your commission check.

However, over time, my needs changed.  What was once an important factor, didn’t seem so significant anymore.  And so it was time for a change.

I’m not ashamed to say that there was a little tear when I wrote my resignation letter.

Come back in a few days to learn where I now hang my license, and why I chose them.

Have you ever needed a change?  Share it with me in the comments below.

July 2017 Austin Real Estate Statistics

July 2017 Austin Real Estate Statistics

Whenever new statistics about the Austin housing market come out, I like to dig deep into them, and find out what is really going on.

You see, this last summer, a lot of agents have told me that it feels slower than usual for them.  Others have had a great summer.  I can understand both of the situations.  When you look carefully at the numbers, it is really very clear.

Here in Austin, there are really 3 different real estate markets:

  1. The bottom of the market
  2. The mid range
  3. The luxury homes

Let’s start by talking about the bottom of the market.  These are average priced homes that cost $300,ooo or less.  This is a HOT market.  Homes are frequently on the market for just days (sometimes only hours), and get multiple offers.  Frequently they are bought for all cash with a fast close and no inspection, buy flippers or corporate investors.  This is the majoirty of the first time homebuyer market, and it is very competitive.  Things move fast, and you can’t be picky.

The middle of the market are homes from $3000,000 – $750,000 or so.  Move up homes.  People who are buying their 2nd or even 3rd property (after selling their first).  This part of the market also sees a lot of people moving to Austin from other parts of the country.  After analyzing the numbers, this is almost a balanced market.  Houses tend to stay for sale longer, there are more places to choose from, and there is more negotiating on price.  It’s what you would expect to see in an average area where buyers have more homes to choose from, but can’t really dilly-dally because they will sell fast, just not overnight.

Finally we have the top end, the luxury homes.  Here in Austin, that’s defined as houses costing 3/4 of a Million dollars or more.  This encompasses a lot of the downtown condo market, as well as many homes in Westlake, Hill Country, and even parts of central Austin.  In this section of the market, there are more homes than buyers, and people are a lot more picky.  I’d be picky too if I was spending that much on a house.  These homes take much longer to sell, and buyers have a much larger selection to choose from.

So, while the numbers put out by the board show a slowing in some cases, it is easy to see why, when you look at market data segmented by price.

Coffee Station Goals

Modern Coffee Station

There is this one spot in my kitchen that’s just perfect for making coffee. Trouble is, I don’t have it set up that way.

Most days, I’m an early riser. I always have been. Never needed to set an alarm clock a day in my life.

I wake up, rub my eyes a few time, thankful that I’ve made it through another night successfully, and mosey into the kitchen. To simply make a cup of coffee.

Heading over to the drip coffee maker, I take out the carafe, which I usually have to rinse out before I even get started. Thankfully I’ve got the coffee maker near the sink. So there’s that.

While I’m cleaning it, I fill it up with water, and dump it into the reservoir. So far so good.

Then I have to dump out the used filter and ground in the garbage can – this is on the other side of the kitchen, in the pantry. Generally the grounds have dried out a little bit so they don’t drip on the floor, but sometimes they do. Now I’ve got a mess to clean up.

Heading back to the coffee maker, I reach into a cabinet and fish out a new clean filter and assemble the whole thing.

Next back across the kitchen to the fridge where I grab my pre-ground Peets Major Dickason, and then take a little side trip to the silverware drawer to grab a tablespoon to scoop out the magic crystals.

Back to the drip machine, grounds, and measuring spoon in hand, where I carefully scoop and dump the required amount for the volume of coffee I am preparing. Shut the lid, hit the little green button to turn it on, and wait.

Soon the house is filled with the delicious, and familiar morning smell of freshly brewed coffee.

There has to be an easier way.

So many steps, so many trips around the kitchen. So much work!

I’ve been noticing a trend at some of the houses I visit. No, not the houses I am previewing for clients, or touring with buyers. These are actual homes that people live in.

When I take my 5-year old kiddo over to a friend’s house for a play date, the other parents invariably offer me a cup of coffee. I do the same when the situation is reversed. But I’ve noticed something different at these other houses. All their coffee supplies are in one place. Neat. Tidy. Efficient.

These folks weren’t running all over their kitchens gathering the supplies needed to make a simple cup of Joe. Why hadn’t I thought of this?

So now I’m on a mission.

There is this perfect section of counter in my kitchen that would be ideal for a Coffee area.

This is the part of my kitchen between my fridge and pantry that will become my coffee station. Currently there are glasses and mugs in the upper cabinets, silverware and tin foil in the drawers, and misc storage in the bottom cabinets.  Don’t judge the un-remodeled kitchen.  I’ve got a 5 year old, a happy wife, a full time job, and a life.

Right now it has an oversized, under-cleaned toaster oven, a 5 gallon jug of homemade wine, and the rest of the space collects empty bottles and boxes for recycling. – now that I think of it, this may lead to a recycling station as another upcoming project. Stay on topic, now Eric.

Of course the first step in any project is to turn to Pinterest and the web to get inspiration.

My favorite high end coffee maker is probably this Breville dual boiler model. Too bad this photo is in black and white, because this is an amazing machine.
Are you a fan of the chalkboard wall behind the coffee pot? Me? Not so much.
If I still lived in a dorm or apartment, this is what I’d do.
This is my favorite.  Hands down.  Loads of different cups specific for each drink - coffee, expresso, cappucinno.  All neatly organized, with some high end coffee making machines.
This is my favorite. Hands down. Loads of different cups specific for each drink – coffee, expresso, cappucinno. All neatly organized, with some high end coffee making machines.
Here’s a simpler take on the whole idea – everything gets hidden behind a door for a nice clean look.  I especially like the pot filler to make adding water simple and easy.
This might be a bit too modern for me – but don’t you just love the seamless integration of the meile built in coffee maker to the cabinets?
Modern coffee station, check. Storage – check. grey color – check. Hideaway – check.
Here’s a pull out dishwasher under a coffee station.
Look at that natural wood, and those pull outs! Modern Storage – clean lines, and everything in it’s place for my OCD.
I've never seen anyone do this, but here's an idea that would take a coffee station to the next level.  Install a drawer dishwasher and fridge in the cabinets below.  Who's with me?
I’ve never seen anyone do this, but here’s an idea that would take a coffee station to the next level. Install a drawer dishwasher and fridge in the cabinets below. Who’s with me?

What are some of the essentials you have in your coffee station. Do you prefer a more industrial look, or something a bit more country? How have you streamlined your morning ritual? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below and I’ll incorporate them into my area as I’m re-doing it.

When a 46-year old dad uses a lawn mower for the very first time

Yard Machine Lawn Mower

Growing up, I never had to mow a lawn.  

It’s not that we didn’t have grass, only that my parents always had someone come and service the yards when I was a kid.  That’s why I was so excited to move into this house.  I finally had a front and back yard to mow!

One of the very first tools I purchased was a $100 push mower.

Before I even moved our furniture in, I had pushed that thing back and forth across the yard, slicing each blade of grass literally by hand.  Even in March in Austin, I worked up a healthy sweat.

This is great exercise, I thought.  If I can keep this up for 6-weeks, I’ll be in great shape, and my yard will look like a putting green – (isn’t that the dream of every home-owner?)

As you can guess, after just a handful of cuts, things began to change.

My enthusiasm began to wane.  The reel mower, as eco friendly wasn’t powerful enough to slice through the thick St. Augustine grass in my front yard and I began to neglect the turf.  Finally I gave up and did what my dad did as I was growing up, and hired a guy to cut the grass for me every few weeks.

Over time my lawn began to look less healthy, and last year, when a neighborhood kid came by and offered to cut my grass for$20 (and then scalped it nearly to the dirt), I had to re-take control and reevaluate my lawn.

First I turned to the internet, and then I found the Lawn Care Nut on YouTube.  This guy makes taking care of your lawn easy, and even fun!  You should absolutely check out his chanel after you read my blog.

Then it was time for me to buy some tools.  Manly tools.  The kind that are gas-powered, and heavy, and noisy!

I don’t just whip out my American Express and purchase the very first one I see – no sir!  It takes some research, spreadsheets, and interneting.

Must Have Features that are important to me in a new lawn mower (in no particular order):

  • Eco-friendly
  • Self-powered
  • Easy to start
  • Easy to clean
  • Ability to mulch or bag
  • Not too loud
  • Handles sticks and leaves
  • User replaceable parts (in case something breaks)

This is quite a wish list, I know.  Most likely I won’t be able to get all these, but hopefully, I can get enough to make cutting the grass more fun, and less of a chore.

With my initial research done, I headed over to Home Depot – and got to work.

So many different lawn mower choices? How do you know you are getting the best/right one?

Let me tell you – even with all the research it is still super hard to decide. Over 15 choices framing in price from $100 to over $1000. There were some features on my must have list like self-propelled , mulching, and easy to start that were non-negotiable. At the same time I also didn’t want to break the bank. Ultimately I went with reviews. Using my iPhone n the store I went to Home Depot.com and began to look at reviews right in the aisle. First I looked at the top of the price range for me Toro brand and I kept seeing recent 1 star reviews with all sorts of different problems.  That pretty much elimitated that choice.
Then I decided to check out the reviews for my #2 – it was less expensive, but had all the features I wanted, and tons of 4 and 5 star reviews, both recent and old.

I had to make a few sacrifices – Ultimately I wanted a metal deck for longevity but overall the price and other features won out.

The Yard Machines box just barely fit into the oversized shopping cart
Paid for, and in the car, ready for the trip home.

Once home, I unloaded the nearly 100 pound box (all by myself) and began the unboxing process.  I was a bit concerned because the cardboard box was damaged, and had some crushed edges, but inside the Yard Machines lawn mower was in great shape, and undamaged.

The unglamorous, but required, Lawn Mower Unboxing pictures

Included in the box was a plastic bag with some instructionmanuals, warranty cards, and enough oil for me to get started without having to take a 2nd trip back to Home Depot.  Of course it wouldn’t be unusual, as I forget some little doo-dad all the time, but it was nice this time to be able to get home and stay home.

Yard Machines Operator’s Manual, Oil, and other paperwork.

Assembly was SUPER easy.

This thing came completely assembled right from the box.  All I had to do was attach the collection bag to the metal frame.  Everything else was all put together.

Additionally, I had to unfold the all metal handle and extend it like the instructions called for.  Sadly and Thankfully no tools were needed.  Of course I love using my tools, but this mower came with big easy to grip plastic handles that easily unscrewed to extend the handle and put it at just the right height for my six-foot tall frame.  The whole process took like 3 minutes.

The mower came 99% assembled, and in one piece. All I had to do to assemble it was attach the bag to the frame, and extend the handle.
The first thing I had to do to assemble the lawn mower was open the handle all the way, and re-connect the oversized bolts.
Next, I had to loosen the handle extension bolts on each side, and slide the handle out to the maximum distance to accommodate my 6-foot tall self.

Next I had to add oil and gas to the engine.  There are two clearly labeled screw caps which maked identifying the proper reservoir easy.  The oil was easy to fill one handed so I grabbed a quick photo, but the gas took 2 hands so no picture of that for you.  Just close your eyes for a moment, and imagine me using my red jerry can to fill the gas tank.

Scroll down and read how it went for me after the photos.

Always check your lawn mower oil level and make sure it is properly filled with the correct weight and level of oil. Don’t wanna ruin your engine before 100,000 lawns!

Third I had to add the motor oil, which thankfully was included – I really appreciate that, as I’d have to take another trip back to Home Depot if it wasn’t.

Obligatory lawn mower picture ready for action.
Looks like she will go fast, right? Vrooom!
Just check out those stylish 5-spoked plastic wheels!
I really like that this model came with a Briggs & Stratton engine.  I’d need that power during the fall when all the leaves fall.
Another great feature is that with one lever you can adjust both wheels to the same height, and that the front adjustment is separate from the back.
The Gas filler cap, air filter, and priming pump are all clearly labeled and easy to access.
Yard Machines!
I’m a bit concerned about the throttle and other cables – they look like they could have been better designed, but let’s see how she lasts for a few seasons first.
Independent Drive and Blade Control Levers.
Ready to “Get ‘er Done!”

Overall Experience

For the first time in my 46 years on this earth I used a gas powered mower to cut my own lawn.

It was so easy!

First I primed the engine by pressing the red bulb about a dozen times.  I could feel the pressure inside the carb change when it was full.  That’s how I knew it was ready.

Then I held down the blade control lever, grabbed the pull handle, and gave the thing a good yank just like you see in the movies.

Guess what?  It started right up on the first pull!  There was a little bit of a stutter as the engine slowly came to life.  Imagine my surprise!  I expected to yank on that rope for a good 20 minutes and then have to call customer service or something, but NO!  It worked right out the gate.

Mowing the lawn was easy.

I adjusted the height of the wheels to the middle setting pulled the self-propel lever and in literally no time was able to cut the extra thick and tall grass in my front yard!

It looked amazing!

And I got to experience that summer smell of cut grass all day long.


Overall, I’m super happy with the way everything came out – Easy to start, plenty of power to cut the lawn (even if it is several inches thick), and not too loud.

Are you thinking of buying a new mower?  What features are important to you?  Share your story below in the comments about the first time you mowed a lawn – I can’t wait to read them!