Original House Photos

Today I discovered a little treasure.

My 5 year old loves looking at pictures.  He prefers to look at pictures of himself as a baby, or of photos of me and his mom together when we were younger.  A few days ago he asked about our house.

For some reason, today, he wanted to see pictures of our house when we moved in.  2009 was the year, and although I had a big professional Nikon D200, and took tons of shots when we closed, I have no idea where those photos are stored.

I think they are on one of my old servers that is currently stored under the guest bed in my office.

I also had my old iPhone which is in my office at work – that probably has some photos on it as well.

I could be better at organizing them.  I SHOULD be more together at organizing them.  My main excuse is that I need a new laptop.  It’s a good reason, but if I wait too much longer, I fear I won’t be able to access the old storage systems I used to use as new technology stops for nobody.

Remember those old 5 1/4 floppy drives?  I do.  Most of my college papers were saved on those.  I’ve got a box of them in the garage attic – not even close to archival storage.

Anyway, when he asked about seeing what our house looked like before he was born, I scratched my head for a minute, trying to figure out the easiest way to solve the problem.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that I could look at the old MLS photos from when our house was listed.

In fact, it’s a great archive of what this place looked like when we started, before our first series of renovations.

The place looked like 1988, complete with tacky wallpaper, wall to wall carpet (including in the bathroom), and popcorn on every ceiling.

For me, it was easy to access these pictures – Since I’m a Realtor, I simply logged on to the MLS, and searched for my house.  There is a record of all the sales, as well as photos from the last time it was on the market.

So I just downloaded them.

You probably aren’t a Real Estate agent, but I’ll bet Zillow may have a record, and I know your agent would be happy to dig them up for you using their credentials.  Maybe give it a try.

This is the fireplace in the living room.  I really like the herringbone brick pattern, but can’t stand the fake brushed bronze fireplace doors.  We still haven’t changed this, but I have some ideas to make it more updated, and add a mantle as well.

Here is the kiddos bedroom.  Absolutely nothing to write home about.  For a while this was my office, and I had bookcases against the wall you see next to the window.

One of the features we really loved about this place was the backyard.  Especially this deck.  Of course all the ferns and house plants are long gone, but we still have the french doors.  We spend a ton of time out here.
The complete backyard.  The big Elm in the middle of the photo had to be cut down, and I’ve done a lot of landscaping, but we still really love our yard.

This is the 3rd bedroom.  We also call it the ball room,  It gets the best natural light in the morning.

This is the master bath.  Notice the wall to wall carpet, old vanity, and amazing wall paper.  We have pretty much gutted this room, and totally redone it.

Here is the living room.  It is a huge space with amazing light in the afternoon.  Behind the camera is a wall of windows that look into the yard.  Also, it’s hard to tell, but ceiling slopes up to a final height of 18-feet, creating a majestic space.  My goal is to build some built-ins against the long wall and put in my vintage stereo, and record collection.

Anyway, I hope you liked this starting tour of our house.  It’s come a long way, but there is a lot more to show and do!

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