The best Neutral Home Paint Colors

Jute Paint Color

I’ve been in a lot of houses, and you know which ones sell the fastest? The ones with nice warm neutral home paint colors always get the most offers, and of course the most comments.

There are several paint colors that always get the most compliments, and trust me I’ve seen them all. First of all, let me tell you what doesn’t work. Painting a house all white. It’s too bland and boring, and doesn’t set your home apart or give it any kind of meaningful remembrances. Also those bold, clown colors that were so popular in the 90s don’t work either.  Instead, you want to go with the (and I hate to say it) Pottery Barn Look. These are the warm, and rich, and inviting earthtones that just make a house feel like a home.

I’ve gathered three of my favorite room colors.  The clown look is so out – painting one wall a bright accent color was 1999.  Now the trend is to use  neutral home paint colors to create a warm and inviting feel.



My go to color for living rooms, family rooms and other common spaces is Bennington Grey.  I first learned about this designer color when I was talking with new home builders.  I’d visit their showcase homes, which were always beautifully decorated, and after a while I realized that the color I was seeing was always the same.  So I asked around, and the color is Bennington Grey.

This name of this paint is a bit mis-leading because it is definitely more brown than grey.  Not only is Bennington Grey a popular color among new home builder’s showrooms it is becoming a popular color among house bloggers.

Why does everyone love this color?  It looks expensive, matches almost any color palate, and just feels warm and cozy without being overbearing.

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Neutral Home Paint Colors

Pittsfield Bluff, is a close second choice for me.  I see it as a little more green where BG is a little more grey.

Rooms that are painted with Pittsfield Buff look great with a lot of sunlight coming through.  And if you have a nice green yard or garden, this color is even better, as it matches the natural greens found outside absolutely beautifully.

For me if a room has french doors leading outside, this paint color is the only one I would consider using.

Jute Paint Color

For a more modern look, I love the look of Jute Paint Color.  This is the lightest color of the three, and as a result is it much more subtle.

I choose this paint color when I need to match several different hard to coordinate features in a house like a light honey wood floor, and a stone fireplace for instance (like in the photo to the left).

Each of these three color match just about anything you may have in the furniture department.

Also, when painting your rooms, don’t forget to do all the trim.  The white trim color that makes every doorway, window trim and baseboard look great is the off-the shelf white semi-gloss.

All these colors are by either Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams and for the best look choose the flat finish (not eggshell or semi).

What neutral home paint colors are you are you thinking of using ?  I’d love to hear your choice in the comments below.

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3 Replies to “The best Neutral Home Paint Colors”

  1. I really love the idea of neutral paint colors. This is very relaxing and comfortable.

  2. I love Ralph Lauren Mexican Feathergrass. It is a lovely neutral towards the green side of the spectrum.

  3. We just purchased Pittsfield Buff for our family room which is all windows and gardens, so when I read your description I had to laugh! I had wanted the bit o’ green to enhance the green outside and connect it the indoor room. Can’t wait to get this project done!

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