My Old Bio – Before I was a Real Estate Agent

I want to let you in on a little (OK – It’s a big) Secret.  I’m not a real estate agent – Yet.

But later this fall, I will be, and when I get my license, this website will change in amazing ways.  Right now I’m just blogging about Austin neighborhoods, some cool houses I’ve photographed, and a few other Austin Real Estate related topics.   They are great reads by themselves, and of course I encourage you to subscribe to my RSS feed to get updates, as well as circle me on Google +

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Why would I leave a great career as a successful photographer in Austin, and become a Real Estate Agent?  That’s a great question, and to answer it completely I need to explain why my photo business did so well.

Let’s take a trip back in time…

Seven years ago, my wife and I were DINKS (Dual-Income-No_Kids) in the Silicon Valley.  We had great jobs, wore nice clothes, and ate fancy dinners out whenever we wanted with our friends.  We traveled to France, or Cuba, or New York City.  Life was good.  But no matter how hard we worked, we knew we could never afford a house in the Bay Area, let alone Menlo Park, where we were renting the cutest 550 sq/ft apartment.

So we both quit our jobs, packed up the car and headed to Austin, Texas.  We bought a beautiful 1970’s ranch fixer in North Austin for less than we were paying in California Rent per month, and I started a new career as a photographer.  I saw an opportunity, that nobody else was exploiting and decided to pounce on it.

Actually I saw two unique opportunities.

Only a few short years ago, wedding photography in Austin was – boring and traditional.  Very posed, very formal.

I came from San Francisco where wedding photojournalism was all the rage.  Documenting the entire wedding day, lots of candid pictures, with an artistic eye.  I’m not saying that I brought wedding photojournalisim to Austin, but I will say that a lot of people hired me for my style.

The second thing that wasn’t happening then that is now, is blogging.  I started a wedding photography blog and sent an email to every wedding vendor between Dallas and San Antonio.  I would shoot a wedding, and then blog about all the unique details and tell the couple’s story.  Now everyone does that.

After shooting over 400 weddings I’ve decided that I need to shift course again, and do something where I’m home more weekend nights.  I’ve gone back to school to take the necessary classes to get a real estate license.

Why Real Estate?  Because I see a huge opportunity in using technology to help people buy and sell houses.

Most real estate agents have a web presence – sort of.  They might have a headshot of themselves on a website, maybe a some have a Facebook or Twitter page, and a few even have their own websites.

Most people who are searching for homes go to, or Zillow, or Trullia and enter their personal information, how much they want to spend, how many bedrooms, and so forth, and do a search which yields hundreds of properties.  You then click through each one, looking at tiny thumbnails, trying to see if this is a house you want to see, or skip.

Once you find a house you want to see, you have to find an agent to show you the place.  Finding an agent in Austin isn’t hard.  Sometimes it seems like everyone here has their license.  Some are associated with boutique Austin agencies, some are part of upscale brokerages, and some are even part of the Elite 25 in Austin.  But try to get to know them on-line and you won’t find much.

That’s why I’ve started this website.  It’s a way for YOU to get to know ME.

I’ll write about cool Austin happenings, show photos of some incredible houses, and I plan on showcasing my listings on with really BIG photos, and lots of descriptive text so you can really get to know the property.  If you are buying a house it will feel like you are there, and if you are selling, you will reach an incredible audience of local, motivated buyers and interested agents.

About me:

Eric on the Champes Elyses in Paris in 2003I’m Eric, and I’m the person behind this website. To date my biggest accomplishment is Patent #7,402,246 but in June, when my first son is due, that will probably change.

I started this blog in January 2012, because I firmly believe it’s the best way for you to get to know me, but here’s the cliff-notes version:  For the last 6 years, I’ve photographed over 400 weddings all over the world as a full time photographer.  I never paid for advertising, instead relying on using creative marketing & leveraging technology to grow my business.  Prior to that I worked as a Biochemist in the Silicon Valley during the first dot-com boom.   I live with my wife of 11 years and two dogs Riley and Vera in a late ’70’s 4-bedroom in North Austin.  I haven’t eaten meat since 1983 & love early 70’s sports cars.

Currently enrolled in Real Estate Classes, I plan on getting my license in the near future, and then focus on Modern Architecture in Austin.



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