My favorite design blogs for 2018

Best Design Blogs - Image courtesy of Chris Loves Julia

Can you believe it is already November?  Last night we were out way too late with the kiddo, running from house to house collecting candy, chatting with neighbors, and enjoying all of the homes decorated for Halloween.  By the way, when did that become a thing?  Some of the houses have more lights for Halloween than they do for Christmas!

Soon we will all be sitting around the Thanksgiving Day table, and before we know it, it will be New Year’s Eve!  Did you notice I skipped a big holiday?  At this point, I don’t know if I’ll have time to get everything done, so maybe I’ll just move right past it.  Just Kidding!

I find myself spending just a tiny bit more time on Instagram and Pinterest these days – looking for inspiration, trying to find vegan Thanksgiving Recopies, and learning how I can decorate the house without making too big a mess.

Design and Lifestyle Blogs

Renovation Blogs

DIY Blogs


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Small Space Blogs


If you are new to this house-design-DIY-renovation blogging world, these are some of the best and most prolific in the business.  If I were you, I’d follow each on Instagram, and add all their boards to your Pinterest Feed.

One thing I’d like to mention, though- I’m not a huge fan when they get into personal style – stuff like clothes, and image and looks.  You see, I’m a dude.  Married.  Kid, Dogs, House.  I don’t need to know about the latest pencil skirts or wedge sandals, or maternity tips if you know what I mean.

Images from: CLJ |  Reading my Tea Leaves | Sarah Sherman Samuel | Sugar & Cloth |Vintage Revival


Finally – who are your must visit designers Diy-ers, and Renovators?  Share them in the comments below!

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