Where are the modern homes in Austin?

While there isn’t one particular place with a bunch of modern homes in it (unless you consider the Agave development), there are some neighborhoods where custom builders have constructed more modern houses.  For a builder to make a modern home in an established neighborhood there are a bunch of requirements that must be met. The first one is all about the money. Can a developer buy a lot (or an old house on a lot), tear it down, and put up a new, modern house.

Second, will the neighborhood allow such a home. Many neighborhoods have HOAs with guidelines and building requirements. Some areas are much stricter than others. For instance the Balcones Woods neighborhood has an architectural review committee that must approve all remodels.

Finally, the city has zoning and permit requirements that must be met. Certain setbacks, height restrictions, and impermeable coverage numbers are all defined by the City of Austin, and must be followed to the letter.

But, there are some areas where it is easier to build a modern home. Today, three modern homes came on the market in south Austin. There are a lot of modern homes in Travis Heights, Bouldin Creek, and other South Austin neighborhoods. Why? Let me tell you.

Why are there so many more modern homes in South Austin?

Developers are building modern homes in S. Austin because of the return they are going to get, as well as the lack of neighborhood HOA requirements. While housing prices are still increasing, there is a large gap between houses that have been fixed up, and homes that need a lot of work or are tear downs. Because of the large difference in the price per square foot in these homes, and that land values are still relatively affordable, builders are choosing south Austin as a place to show off their home building skills and make beautiful modern homes.

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