Leading Real Estate Companies of the World

I am proud to announce the JB Goodwin, (one of the best places to work in Austin) is a member of the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World.


Austin Real Estate

If you didn’t know, JB Goodwin, isn’t a national Real Estate Brokerage like Keller Williams or Caldwell Banker. We specialize and focus only on Austin Real Estate. We have three offices located throughout the Austin area, and a fourth in San Antonio. That’s all. We Know all about Austin Real Estate. It’s what we do. And we are really good at it. We keep up with all the current market statistics. We know all the neighborhoods inside and out. Plus we don’t just help you buy or sell a house we even can help you with leasing, investing, or relocating to the area.


Relocating to Austin

Everyday about 130 people move to Austin.  Those are the people that I can help.  I can help them find the perfect neighborhood, the best house, and the right area to match their lifestyle.  But sometimes people move out of our fine city.  Perhaps they want to be closer to family.  Maybe their jobs are relocating them.  Maybe they just want a chance.  Whatever the reason, I can help them too.

I personally know a lot of people all over the world.  But I don’t know a Real Estate Agent in every city.  That’s where the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World comes in. They are a network of independent, local brokerages around the world, that I can turn to, with confidence, to help you.  I know that when I call them up and say “I have a friend moving to San Diego”, they will provide me with a Realtor that knows San Diego.  And it’s not just limited to San Diego.  Mexico City, Waco, Tampa, Cincinnati, it doesn’t matter.  They have offices all over the world, and can help you no matter where you are moving.

I know they will provide the highest level of service, and provide knowledgeable, attentive, honest, and dedicated agents.  And that makes me smile.




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  1. Very cool, Eric! Amazing that technology allows us to help people across the globe today.

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