Jane Ko of A Taste of Koko

Jane Ko -A Taste of Koko

So this podcast went a little long.  I didn’t plan it that way, and my guest, Jane Ko of a Taste of Koko, didn’t seem to mind, so we just went with it.

I love talking with Austin Bloggers.  They provide an insight to our city that few people experience.  They are out and about, every day, exploring new restaurants, visiting new stores, and finding the hidden treasures we all moved to Austin for.

I met Jane for the first time at the Hotel San Jose.  We sat outside in the open courtyard, listening to birds chirping on a perfect Tuesday Spring morning.  Guests of the iconic hotel were all around us, but we didn’t care, and we chatted for over an hour just like we were old friends.  Thanks for a great morning!

Jane, or Koko, as her friends call her has been blogging for 7 years, and is one of the true influencers here.  In fact, during our conversation we chat about her role as an influencer, and how she feels about it.  We discuss her past, how she got started, and what she loves about her job.

She regularly gets invited to new restaurants before they open for a sneak peek, has private tastings of new menus at all our favorite restaurants, and most recently has been delving into lifestyle and travel blogging for the New York Times.

Listen to today’s episode to learn how she got started and where she is heading.

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