I need a new Handheld Power Drill

I need a new handheld cordless drill.  My last one was a gift I got over 20 years ago – a Chanukkah present from my Dad.  A blue 9v Makita that was part of a kit that included a drill, a flashlight, a saw, a charger, and 2 batteries in a nice carrying case.  Of course I don’t have any photos because it was long before digital cameras, and way before this blog started.

That drill served me well, through our first apartment in Menlo Park, to our move to Austin, and eventually into our first house.  I’ve used it to replace electrical outlets, create furniture from scratch, assemble IKEA bookshelves and cabinets, and so much more.  I reach for that tool more than any other.  It has been reliable, and hard working.  Never letting me down.  Until now.

I’ve been slow to admit it, but – I’ve known that the drill has been dying.  The battery isn’t holding a charge as long as it used to, and the drill itself just doesn’t have the same power as it once used to.  But for sentimental reasons, I haven’t done anything.   Once I thought about just replacing the battery.  That way I’d keep the drill, with all it’s memories.  But , it’s only 9.6v though, and at 20 years old the technology isn’t really cutting edge anymore. Plus, new batteries are going for as much as $72 on Amazon, so for just a bit more I can get a new drill, that should last me another 20 years.

But which one should I get?

It seems like every house blogger has a different favorite:

John and Sherry seem to like a Black and Decker model that’s no longer available.

A Milwaukee drill is featured in in many of Yellow Brick Home’s Photos.

Chris Loves Julia promoted a 20V Dewalt in one of their holiday gift guides.

With so many choices, what is a DIY guy on a budget to choose?  I shop like a man.  I  do minimal research on-line and then just walk into a store (or hit the one-click-order button) and be done.  I want to know that I’m getting not only a hard working handleld drill, but also a good deal.  Something at least as good as the last cordless drill.

After a quick internet search, I’ve narrowed down the choices to the following 6.  I’ve got a short list of features I want.  For this drill I’m not really looking for a system.  Just a hard working tool that won’t crap out on me in 6 months.

  • Good balance
  • Fast Charging
  • Long battery life
  • Keyless chuck
  • Drill & screw mode
  • Rugged and Tough

So I’ve narrowed down my choices to these that all cost around $100 bucks. (links to Amazon products)

Which one should I go with?  Do you have a favorite?  What features do you find most important?  HELP!

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  1. We use a Dewalt, but that is simply what my husband has… I like it for the things that I use it for. I would definitely suggest a 20V if you’re going to buy something new, you might as well get one that will cover *all* the things 🙂 -Chloe

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