How To Start A WordPress House Blog On DreamHost

Start your own House Wordpress Blog

Right now, I will show you how to easily and quickly start a WordPress blog, so yo can start blogging about your house, life, or whatever else you want!

I’ve been blogging for years, and it has changed my life!  Not only do I make money with my blog, but I have made new friends, and even gotten clients to work with me, all because I started this website and doing something that I love.  You too, can start a money-making blog for less than $2 a week.  I’ll give you a discount/promo code for Dreamhost (my hosting company), that I’ve negotiated with them which gives you the best deal possible.  You will get to pick your blogs name, and even receive a free 1-click install of WordPress, the easiest to use, and most popular blogging platform in the workd.

Click here to sign up with Dreamhost, then follow these easy directions below to start your own house blog.

If you are looking to start a WordPress blog, want to make sure you have lots of free support, and don’t want to spend a lot of money, then choosing Dreamhost for your hosting needs is your answer.  Dreamhost is a great webhost, and I’ve been using them for over 12 years (which is forever in internet time).

Blogging is so much fun!  You get to meet new people on-line, share your ideas, and learn new ones, and even have the opportunity to make money.  I personally know of several bloggers who have made ofer $100,000 a month from blogging and blogging related services.  This may seem like a crazy number, but if you consider paid posts, affiliate links, and advertising, it isn’t that hard to imagine.

Because of blogging, I am able to work from home when I want, I can take my family on vacations or travelling whenever I want, and I have a 100% flexible schedule.  I love my life, and can’t believe how much it has changed for the good, all because I started blogging on a regular basis.

You don’t need special skills.  Anyone can make money with a WordPress blog.  I was able to make the money back that I paid for hosting very quickly, once I installed adsense on my site, and I’m sure you will be able to make your money back quickly as well using the same techniques.

Dreamhost is consistently one of the TOP rated web hosting companies year after year, and you can start your own blog with them from as little as $7.95 per month (using my special link only!).  Plus if you sign up with my link and purchase a 12 month or longer hosting plan you can save even more.  I hightly reccomend signing up for the year plan through Dreamhost.  It’s affordable and can save you a lot of money in the long run.  If you want to save even more, and get a better deal, the 36-month plan gives you the absolute best possible rate.

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Don’t make the mistake of starting a blog on Blogger just to save a little bit of money.  There are many limitations when you have a free blog, including not being able to have any advertisiers or make any money from it.  Using one of the free services is a really bad idea, and it is super hard to change over once you have started with a different company.

If you have any interest in making money from blogging, turning it into a business, or becoming a freelancer, use Dreamhost to host your blog.  It’s cheaper in the long run, and you get world class support plus 100% guaranteed uptime (this is important so when someone comes to your site, they know it will be there).  When you use Dreamhost, you can run any of your own affiliate links, direct advertisements, and even sponsored posts.  Most of these are not allowed with the free blogging services.  Using WordPress on Dreamhost is professional, easy, and the industry standard.

Why do I use Dreamhost?  I’ve got lots of reasons, here are some just a few:

  • Super easy to use.  Even YOU can quickly and easily create a WordPress blog with just one click using my tutorial below.  DreamHost makes it super easy so create a WordPress blog.
  • The BEST technical support in the business
  • 100% guaranteed uptime
  • VERY affordable – You can have a blog of your own for just $2 a week (less than a Starbucks).
  • You can pick any name you want for your Blog.
  • Dreamhost offers dozens of free templates for you to use for your WordPress Blog
  • Jetpack is included – get stats, security, and contact features for free!
  • WordPress offers a money back guarantee!
  • You can monetize your blog – get advertisers, affiliates, and sponsored posts!
  • Be OFFICIAL – look professional, and make this business a success!

To get stated, head on over to DreamHost to begin.  There are tons of different web hosting comapnies, but Dreamhost is always rated one of the best.  This is the reason so many bloggers use DreamHost.

After you have signed up for hosting, I’ve got all the steps you need to do to start a blog on WordPress.  The simple steps are listed below.  If, at any time, you have any questions about the process, you can always send me an email and I can help you out.  That’s the best part about bloggers, we have a community and all love to help each other succeed!

Some popular blogs that use WordPress

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