How many people move to Austin?

We all know Austin is HOT! It seems like Austin makes everybody’s top ten lists, I know my inbox keeps getting filled with Austin is best for this, or Austin is #1 for that.

Maybe that’s the reason people keep moving here.  I think it’s because we have a great economy and lots of jobs.  Lots of companies are moving here, including rivals Apple & Samsung.  Marriott hotels is building their largest hotel downtown, and there are lots more developments too, not just with the big companies but with lots of smaller tech firms and other industries.

Austin is in the news all the time.  Austin is on the TV all the time, too.  Property Brothers routinely films shows in Austin, as does House Hunters.  And movies are filmed here all the time too.  Everything from Machete to Spy Kids 4.

We even have our own fashion week, and fashion bloggers who write about it.

So it’s no wonder everybody wants to come to Austin, but just how many people do?  The answer will surprise you.