Homes for sale in Austin TX under 200 000

Looking for homes for sale in Austin TX under 200 000?  I’ve got a list of them that is updated daily.

Homes for sale in Austin TX under $200,000

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These are single family homes under 200k in Austin.  Not town homes, condos, or land.

I’ve written about affordable homes in Austin before.  Here is my list of Homes for sale at $100,000 or less in Austin.  Most of these are either going to be a timeshare on a vacation rental, or a double wide in a not so popular neighborhood.

Austin Real Estate

The average price for a home in Austin in 2016 was somewhere around $350K.  That’s the average.  Mortgage payments will be between $2,000 – $2,500 a month (depending on your down payment and interest rate).

Also, there are a lot of people interested in homes in this range.  First time homebuyers, investors, people moving to Austin.  These are motivated buyers who are pre-qualified, and pre approved.  They have aggressive agents who find homes for them quickly.  They write contracts that are favorable to the seller.  Some are even cash buyers who will put down money sight unseen.  It’s a tough part of the market, one where the homes may need a lot of work, or might be smaller, or even a not so popular neighborhood.

If you are looking for a House for sale in Austin TX under $200,000.  Let me know.  I’ll work hard for you!

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