Is your inside dog really an OUTSIDE dog?

Dog friendly houses5 features for homes with dogs.

Have you ever though about your house from your dog’s perspective?

  1. A FENCED BACKYARD is essential.  Your dogs need room to run around in a safe, contained environment.  Chain link or wrought iron fences allow your pet to look out, but wood or stone fences offer more privacy.
  2. Hardwood or Tile floors are EASIER TO CLEAN, but can be hard on older dogs joints.
  3. Newer Luxury Homes have dedicated DOG WASHING STATIONS in an extra bathroom or utility room.
  4. Find a house in close proximity to a city DOG FRIENDLY PARK.  Austin has over a dozen parks.  You can even take your dog off-leash at some.
  5. Give your Dog Independence with an ELECTRIC DOG DOOR.  Your dog wears a special collar that activates the lock on the doggie door, preventing access from unwanted critters or even buglers.

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Homes for Dogs in AustinI know my dogs are members of my family.

I want them to feel as comfortable at home as I do.  Of course, they will make themselves at home where ever they are, but there are some things I can do as a homeowner to make their lives a bit easier.  When I went looking for a new house in Austin, I kept thinking about them as I looked.

Austin is such a Dog-friendly town, too!  It seems like everyone has dogs here.  Of my 4 immediate neighbors, 3 of them have dogs.  Plus 2 of the 3 houses directly across the street.

My house has hardwood floors, is within walking distance of a dog-friendly park, has a fully fenced yard, and even has a great area to wash them.  The only think I don’t have is an electric dog door.  How many features does your house have?  Search these listings to find a place that’s perfect for them and YOU!

My dogs are both indoor and outdoor dogs.  Most days are just about perfect here in Austin.  Sure there are a few weeks in the summer when the A/C is running full-blast, but most days, I have the french doors open, and the pups get free range to run outside whenever they want.

Riley the WestieThis is Riley the Westie.  He was a breeding stud, that we rescued when his time as a stud was over.

Did you know that West Highland Terriers are one of the few breeds of dogs considered hypoallergenic?  He is as smart as a whip, and quick too.

His main job is to keep the squirrels out of my tomato plants every spring, and he does a great job at it.

In the photo of 3 dogs above, the tiny grey one is Annie, my in-laws mutt.  She is super cute, and comes over all the time to play.

The other dog in the picture is Vera.  She came from a neglectful house in Bastrop where a dog hoarder had over 160 dogs.  The place was a mess.  Thankfully every single dog was rescued, cleaned up and eventually adopted out.  Austin is a no-kill city, which means no dog gets euthanized when at a shelter.

Sadly, a couple of years after we got Vera, she developed some kidney disease and passed quickly.

We were so thankful when we found Abby – a dark, long haired chiweenie.  Full of energy, and so loving, she has filled our hearts with love!


  • Sometimes they are renters looking to buy their first house.


  • Other times they are already home-owners who need to sell their house, and find a new place.


  • Whatever the situation, I listen carefully to your needs, and find the perfect home for you, and your furry four legged family members!

Just look at these Dog Friendly homes on the market right now!

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