Hello world!

Today is the day I decided to become a Real Estate Agent.

There’s so much to learn, and so much mis-leading information.  Over time, I hope you will come to this site often, to learn about buying or selling a house in Austin TX.

Why did I decide to sell houses?  Because I’m getting a little old to continue being a wedding photographer.  Not because I don’t love it.  I do!  Really there is nothing more fun than taking pictures at a wedding.  I love getting dressed up,  meeting new people, and using technology.  (If you don’t think photography is technology heavy, give me a call – it’s all about computers blogging, and optics).

But real estate is more polished.  More refined.  With Even higher stakes than weddings.  Plus, I get the opportunity to help the same family over and over throughout their life-cycle.  Most people really only throw one big wedding in their lives (even if they get married a few times), but as of 2012 most people move every 7-12 years.  I love to keep up with people, send out Christmas cards, comment on their Facebook feed, and be a reliable friend.  As a wedding photographer it’s sort of weird to keep up with people, but as a Real Estate Agent, it just makes sense.

So, follow me on my journey.  I know it will be a fun one!




3 Thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. I truly believe you are going to make a wonderful real estate agent (Realtor). Just like the article you wrote, when looking for a home, people want to know price and look at photos….you’ve got the photos thing down! Good Luck!

  2. Mike says:

    Where should I start in terms of training and getting license, etc.Your guidance would be greatly appreciated. Mike.

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