Getting your house in the newspaper

Sometimes the old ways are the best ways.

One great way to marketing a listing is to get your house in the newspaper.

Regular readers (folks who love real estate)  know that I got into Real Estate because I saw a gap in the way Realtors  use the web.  I think there is a better way, and that way is fully using technology.  But sometimes old school, traditional marketing, like newspapers, can be helpful to selling a house.  Especially when it comes to Open Houses.

As much as I love technology, not everyone “gets it”.  If you are like me, you actually sleep with your iphone.

Traditional ways to market a house in the  newspapers

  • Take out a Classified Ad
  • Promote an open house in a special weekend advertising section
  • Take out a 1/4 page ad, or larger

However savvy marketers know it is better for someone to write about you, than to write about yourself.  That carries so much more weight, as it is a referral, and a referral from a credible news source, like an established news organization is one of the best.

When the opportunity arose for a listing to be featured in the newspaper in a story about the hot Austin housing market, one of my colleagues, Gay Puckett, jumped on the chance.

Ideally, I like to hold open all of my listings, but sometimes, due to previous plans I’m busy on a Sunday afternoon.  That’s when other agents from my brokerage, JB Goodwin, step up and help out.  She is a very well known, and established agent here in Austin (one of the best in town), and I was honored when she asked about holding my house open.

Not only is Gay one of the best, and most professional agents, she is a true neighborhood expert, and knows everything about Westover Hills, the area this home was located in.  She knows the schools, the shopping, and has even sold a bunch of houses in the area.

For the open house, I did all the usual things a real estate agent does – I prepared by seller by giving them the date and time to be out of the house.  I put a sign in front of the home several days early that read “Open Sunday 2-4”, I entered the information in the MLS so it would appear on open house websites in the area, and I even put an ad in the local newspaper with the location and time.

At the open house:

Gay put out over a dozen more directional signs at every major intersection, to help guide cars right to the house.  She arrived early and prepared the house by turning on all the lights, and straightening up what needed to be done.

What I didn’t know was that she and her good friend who happened to be a reporter for the Austin American Statesman were working together on an article about the HOT Austin real estate market.

During the open house, the reporter, and a photographer came by and interviewed her about buying and selling houses in Austin.

And the response has been great for both of us.  The house is under contract, and both of our phones have been ringing with clients who heard about us through the newspaper.

There are lots of ways to selling a house, While the technology aspect is great, sometimes the old ways still work!

Find an Open House in Austin

Open Houses in Austin I keep a fully updated list of all the Open Houses in Austin.  It’s updated every 15 minutes from the Realtor Database.

You can search for homes in any neighborhood for free, and without ever having to enter your email, register, or give out any personal information.  Just click the photo or the Open Houses in Austin link.


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