First SupraKey use

Today, I used my SupraKey for the very first time.

Honestly, it was pretty easy, and a little bit exciting!

As you can imagine, I’ve visited a TON of houses.

It all started when I was a little kid, and my mom used to take me with her.  You see, she loved to see open houses.  Especially the kitchens.  My mom is a kitchen expert.  She can walk into any house, and immediately re-design the kitchen in her head to maximize efficiency, all while creating a space that is perfect for entertaining and chatting.  But that’s another blog post to be written in the future.

More recently, as I was in Real Estate School, and training with JB Goodwin, I went on a lot of caravans.  A caravan is when a group of Real Estate agents get into a car and drive around a neighborhood looking at the houses for sale to get an idea of what’s out there for their clients.

But when you are on a caravan, there is always an agent who has a Supra Key so you can get in.

Wait a minute, let me step back a bit and explain what a supra key is.


When someone puts their house up for sale one of two things happen.  People need to see the inside to know if they want to buy it or not.  Either the listing agent can meet every person who wants to see the place (this usually happens on high-end homes) to let them in, or they can place a key box in a secure place somewhere near the front door so they don’t have to be there every time.

A key box is just that, a super strong box, like a mini-safe, that takes a special code to get into.  Inside this safe is a key or instructions on how to get inside the house to show it.

SuprakeyReal Estate Agents have a little device called a Supra Key that gives us access to get inside the key-box, and ultimately inside the house.

We all get a little device like this one from our local Board of Realtors, as well as our own unique secret code.  When we get to a house we want to see, we enter the code into the Supra Key, and point it at the lockbox.  The Supra Key communicates with the lockbox, as well as by a built in cell phone transmitter, and if everything works correctly, we get the key to the house.

When the key is released, a bunch of things happen.  My name, and the exact time I gained entry is recorded in a database, and the listing agent can get a text or email notifying them that another Realtor is showing their house.  This keeps track of who saw the listing, and how long they were there.

Today I got to do this by myself for the very first time.  You see, tomorrow I am holding my very first open house for another agent.  I wanted to stop by and check the place out before the actual open house.  I also wanted to drive around the neighborhood and figure out where I am going to place the open house signs, and look at some comparable properties.

As I walked up to the front door, I took out my supra key, entered my special code, and pointed it right at the door.  PRESTO!  It worked exactly perfectly, and I got to go inside.

Back when I was just starting this blog, I wrote about using Foursquare to open a lockbox, this is similar, and a little bit safer, as there is no social media component.