Finding open Houses in Austin

On Sundays afternoons, When I was a boy, my mom and I used to change out of our usual casual weekend wear, get a little bit dressed up, and drive into the nice area of town to look at open homes.  

Find an Open House in Austin Today

Open Houses in Austin

If you came looking for an open houses finder just click on the link or the map.  You will be taken to a search page where you can find all the open houses.

No registration, email, phone number or any other contact info is needed for this search (unlike the others at the bottom of the page).

Sometimes there was a particular house that was on the market that we knew about and would drive by to see if there was a showing, other times we would just happen upon a corner sign and follow the arrows to the listing.

This little activity shaped me into the person I am today.  As a boy I learned how to behave  in someone else’s house, be respectful, learn when it was OK to talk to someone, and when I should just “be seen and not heard”.

Growing up near Carmel, Pebble Beach, and Monterey, we got to see some incredible houses.  Multi-million dollar estates (and this was back in the late ’70’s and early ’80’s when money was money).  Indoor bowling alleys, panoramic views of golf courses and the Monterey Bay, and gourmet kitchens designed for caterers.  I learned the difference between a fine finish, and a luxury finish.  The finer things. Here’s a post I wrote with 10 tips for open houses.

I treat Open houses today, the same way.  With respect.  But instead of having to drive around, I can just go on line and find properties to view.  Here are some easy ways to find open houses in Austin:

Finding Open Houses in Austin

Every Sundays, the Statesman, Austin’s largest newspaper has a great little Open House finder.  Access it through their regular real estate page:

This is the one I use the Most: – Open Houses in Austin – a complete list updated automatically from the Austin MLS.

JB Goodwin Open House List

Austin Home Search

This site has a great little search – just enter the details and you will be given a list meeting your requirements:

Here’s a very comprehensive listing, automatically generated from the MLS:

Austin Modern Living has a great listing of their open properties – updated weekly:

Team Ensor has another great open house search feature – with a handy map:

Austin Brokerage Moreland Properties keeps a great database of their listings: