What to do when visiting Austin in 2016

So you’ve decide to visit Austin.  Great! Do you have 1 day, or 3 days or a long week?  Whatever amount of time you have schedule, this is a fun and relaxed list of things to do when visiting Austin.

I’ve visited each of these places, done all the tours, and re-visit many of them frequently.   To keep things simple, I’ve arranged them so that you

One thing you should probably know when you visit  is that you will need a  car to get around.  You can drive to each of the places I’ve mentioned, and once you are there won’t need to drive.  But getting between them is much easier with 4-wheels.

Day 1 of your visit to Austin


Get up and do what the locals do  Take a walk around Ladybird Lake.  The hike and bike trail is a popular, flat trail circling the lake that runs just south of downtown Austin.  You will have some great views of downtown, have the opportunity to visit some incredible landmarks and if you are lucky even meet a local who will probably talk your ear off.  This is the best way to live like a local, and get a great day to day Austin experience.  Since you will be near downtown, you can pretty much grab a bite to eat anywhere and have something local and tasty.


Texas State Capitol TourTour the Texas State Capitol.  If you have extra time, check out the Blanton Art Museum.


Dinner at a great local restaurant (you might want to call them for reservations (Barley Swine, Uchi, Andiamo, La Condessa,  Finish the evening with a nightcap in the historic Driskill Hotel Bar, which is the most likely place to see a celebrity in Austin.

Day 2 – Visiting Austin


Places to Visit in Austin Ladybird Johnson Wildflower CenterOne of my very favorite places to visit in the mornings is the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center.  This world-class facility is part garden center and part texas history museum.  Of course you could always go in the afternoon, but I’ve been all different times of the day and prefer the AM.


Hit up South Congress, or as the locals call it SoCo.  Lunch will be at a food truck (you can’t go wrong with any of them).  Take your time walking up and down congress looking into all the funky Austin stores and antique shops, or just kick back at Guerro’s, have some queso and a beer, and just watch the people go by.


Tonight you are going to have some fun downtown.  Start by finding a spot to park near 2nd st.  The basement of City Hall is a good, affordable option.  Again there are lots of botiques and local stores that stretch along 2nd st most of which are very local to Austin.  Head over to the Living room Lounge at the W Hotel which is becoming quite a hangout, and try to get some last minute Tickets to the ACL show.

austin_pedicabIf that doesn’t work out jump in a pedi-cab and ask them to take you over to 6th st, where you can walk around and look at all the drunk people, or stop into a bar, listen to some local music, and have a cocktail or two.

3-Days  to visit Austin


It’s time you had a breakfast taco.  And the best place in Austin for a breakfast taco is Maria’s Taco X-press.  Grab a taco, or a plate of migas, and go sit on the back patio.  Strike up a conversation with a local if you are so inclined.  You never know where it may lead you.


The LBJ library is an incredible snapshot of the Johnson presidency.  His life, and times all in one building.  There is a bunch about the space race, trip to the moon, and vietnam war, and I highly recommend going.


If it is the right time of the year, you can see a ton of bats flying out from under the Congress Ave bridge.  Hint:  The best place to see the bats isn’t on the bridge, but from the hike and bike trail below.

What to do at the Austin Airport

Visiting AustinEven if you are stuck at Austin Bergstrom Airport for an extended layover, there is still a lot to do.  Grab a breakfast taco a  Leftys (far west concourse).  Spend the rest of the browsing the selection at Bookpeople (Central Terminal) or pick up a longhorn t-shirt at ().  For lunch try a burger at Waterloo Ice House (East Terminal) or a sandwich at the local favorite Thundercloud Subs (East Terminal).  In the afternoon listen to some live music (Baggage Claim or Central Terminal) or get a massage (in the west concourse), and for dinner try out some world famous BBQ at the Salt Lick (West Terminal) The day wouldn’t be complete without a scoop of ice cream from Amy’s (West Terminal).

I hope you enjoyed visiting Austin – let me know what you did (or didn’t do) in the comments below.

The most affordable house in Lost Creek right now

This Lost Creek house in Westlake was built in 1979, and looks the part.  It needs a lot of updating, plus it has foundation issues.  But when the average home in Lost Creek sold in November of 2015 for just under $700,000, this is quite a bargain at $499,900.

Sure it’s gonna take $10K to make the foundation right, and you could easily dump another $100K into the kitchen and bathrooms, but when you were done, you would have a great 2100 square foot house with views, and your kids would go to the top rated Eanes Schools (click here to see other current homes that go to Eanes ISD).

Not all homes in Austin have foundation problems, and generally houses in this part of town are OK, but sometimes a builder didn’t use enough concrete, or the right kind.  For some people this turns them off right away, but others aren’t scared.  They know that they are going to do some work to update the house anyway, and a new foundation with a lifetime transferable warranty (provided by many foundation companies) is a big plus when it comes to resale.

If you are interested in this home in Lost creek, or another if this one is no longer on the market, let me know.  I’m here to help.

[idx-listing mlsnumber=”1932184″ showall=”true”]

A house for sale in Lost Creek

Did you see this newly listed house that goes to Eanes ISD? I’ve got one for you today in Lost Creek. Built in 1977 (and it shows), with 4 bedrooms and 2 and a half bathrooms this 2 story house is ready for updating.

This place has some cool features: a bridge-like front walkway leading to a split level like home.  The main living areas and master bedroom are on the main level with all the kids bedrooms and a large playroom space on the “ground floor”.

But there is a lot of work that would need to be done if you ask me – just look at the kitchen, the wood paneling, and the drop ceiling in the gameroom below the garage.  But it does have 3,150 square feet, a formal living room, and dining room, and is liveable now.

If you are interested in this house in Lost Creek, let me know and I’ll arrange a showing if it is still on the market (otherwise I can probably find something else similar for you)

[idx-listing mlsnumber=”4373474″ showall=”true”]

If Nick Saban moves to Austin where would he live?

Is Nick Saban Moving to Texas?What kind of house would Nick and Terry Saban Buy if (ahem When) they move to Austin?  The rumor mill is buzzing with all kinds of news about a new head coach at UT.  And if you ask me, it’s about time.   So who is this Nick Saban anyway, and why should I care?

Well, Football is pretty big here in Texas.  OK not pretty big.  It’s HUGE.  I moved here many years ago from northern California.  I grew up watching the Montana-Rice dynasty in the 80’s and followed the long time Stanford-Cal game rivalry.  I thought I knew football.

No way.  Not even close.  I knew nothing.  And it was made evident to me when I was invited to my first Longhorn tailgate party when I first arrived to town.  I asked what I could bring, and when I should show up on Saturday, and they answered – don’t worry – we have a professional caterer coming from Thursday morning until game time, so just stop by when you can.  They were BBQing for 3 days straight in a parking lot near the stadium.  That’s hardcore.

He is the highest paid College football coach, earning 5.4 Million per year.  And he deserves it.  Especially after leading Alabama to 3 titles in just a few short years.  Sort of like the kind of thing the Longhorns are in need of right now.  There are a few reasons he might leave ‘bama for Texas.  One is that in the last few seasons The Crimson Tide has had a hard time filling all the seats in their stadium.   Granted, it’s tough to fill 101,821 seats at Bryant-Denny, but DKR in Austin has only 1702 fewer seats (100,119), and is sold out even with the horrible record under Mac Brown every weekend.  Also because of recruiting, UT seems to have a leg up on Alabama.  Plus, we are Austin.  Need I say more.

So now that it is a given that he is going to move to Texas and Coach UT football (at least in my mind), what kind of house is he going to buy?

Nick & Terry Saban from The tuscaloosanewsLet’s start, as I always do with their lifestyle.

  • They have 2 older kids
  • He loves Golf
  • He is a devout Roman Catholic
  • And he loves music

And since he is a college football coach, he doesn’t have a whole heck of a lot of time for anything else.  But they do need a large house to host all the guests, VIPS, players, and friends who come in and out of their home on a weekly basis.

This is Austin, and people who move to Austin don’t need much more, because we bring live music, lake parties, ACL, SXSW, F1, amazing food, and a whole bunch of other great things to the table when it comes to creating a lifestyle.

As for his style in homes, we all know that is usually left up to the wife, and in his case, Terry is a licensed agent in Alabama.

What? Terry Saban is a Realtor? What brokerage would she join when she moves to Austin?  I digress.

A quick search of agents and brokers with current active licenses does not currently show Terry Saban, and she has gone on the record as they “are not going anywhere” (As reported in the Wall Street Journal).  At one point before October she stated they were interested in purchasing a vacation home in Austin, and at other times Austin’s most successful residential broker has joked on Facebook that her husband has shown up at some of his open houses.

Nick Saban Vacation houseBack to the topic at hand- what kind of house would they buy.  Perhaps it would be something on the lake similar to his recently auctioned off 6 bedroom, 9 bathroom vacation house.  He had this home as well as another on Lake Burton, but this one sold at Auction early last summer for an undisclosed price.  Asking was $10.95 Million.

Anyway here are possible Austin houses for The Sabans:

Here’s a nice 8-bedroom 9-bathroom 9700 square foot place on the water listed for $12.5M.  (but I have it on good information that they will seriously evaluate offers in the low 10’s).  Offered by Cord Shiflet of Moreland Properties. 215 Bella Riva



If that’s too rich for his blood (even with an estimated $10M yearly contract with UT), perhaps this 7-bedroom, 9-bath French Chateau inspired lakehouse listed at $4,900 less than $10 million is more up their alley.  Offered by Margaret Parma of Capital City Sotheby’s


My personal favorite is the most affordable option is this Italian style villa offered by Amy Mills of Realty Austin.  With 6 bedrooms and 13 baths it has a great price of only $9,500,000.

12821 Hughes Park RD

Which one of these is your favorite?

Gmail for Real Estate

This is not really a step by step tutorial – it is easy to search Google how to send a message in gmail, or do any number of different specific tasks.  If you got here from my CRM for Real Estate Agents, please leave a comment below.

Instead what I am going to do is share how I use Gmail in my day to day activities as a Realtor.

For me, my inbox is my to do list.  I get a lot of emails every day:

  • Messages from other agents
  • Important messages from clients
  • Notes from friends and family
  • Newsletters I’ve subscribed to
  • Reminders from other meetings and activities
  • spam (of course)
  • Plus lots of other emails that I can’t really categorize

Since I like to keep my inbox around zero – a goal which is increasingly difficult, I have to stay on top of my messages all the time.   I use as many tips and tricks that I can to keep things organized and efficient so I don’t drop any of the dozens of balls I’m juggling at any given time.

Gmail on the BrainI think of Gmail like my brain, I’m only really using 20% of it at any given time, and I know there is so much more I can do.  Gmail is just like that.  Most people only use a fraction of all the different features either because they are afraid they are going to lose something, or mess something up, or just don’t realize that it is possible to do these things.

But with Gmail, it’s really hard to loose a message.  If you move it to a strange folder, you can always move it back.  Even if you delete it, it doesn’t really go away.  You can still recover it, if not too much time has passed.

My in-box is my to do list.

Like I mentioned before, my inbox is my to-do list.

A long time ago, I read something about working efficiently that stuck with me.  This was written long before the days of the internet and email, because there was no mention of technology.  The article was called “how to deal with your mailbox” and it referred to actual snail mail that people would get everyday.

In order to prevent paper from piling up all over your desk at work the article stated, whenever you get a piece of paper, be it a letter, postcard, copy, or report, choose one of three things to do to it immediately.  This is one of those habits that highly successful people employ to keep their life simple.

Read it | File it | Toss it

Amazingly, this doesn’t just apply to paper.  It works incredibly well for emails.

If you are like me, most of your email messages are longer than a text, but shorter than a phone conversation.  They are in that sweet spot of communication.  A quick read, a couple of minutes to craft and fire off a response, and then done.

So for every email I get I use one of the three things above, and Gmail, used as part of my real estate CRM works flawlessly.

I base these three actions solely on the snippet preview or sender.

Read it – I do exactly that.  I read the message and act on it immediately.

File it – I scan the subject and decide that this is not an immediate effort, and file it into an appropriate folder (see below)

Toss it – junk mail, newsgroups I don’t have time for, and other solicitations all get deleted immediately.

Gmail for CRM

This is where Gmail really comes in handy.  Once I read a message I immediately send a response.  Usually I take a couple of minutes and hand write something.  But every so often I get something that I have a prepared automated response for (like people who want to submit a listing to my blog).  To learn more about canned responses just Google it 🙂

When I get a message with an invitation to something – like a listing appointment, showing or meeting, I can immediately add it to my calendar, by clicking on the day or time.   Want to learn more ?  Search for it on Youtube.

Gmail Attachment Reminder MacOften times I need to add a contract or other attachment.  I simply click on the little paper clip and upload the file.  If I mentioned an attachment in the text of the email, and forget to upload it, Gmail gently reminds me before the note can be sent.

Adding images is just as easy.  I simply drag the photos I want to include in the message to the draft of the note, and they are uploaded instantly.  Not all web browsers support this, but I’m using Chrome on my Mac Laptop, so it works really well.

Once I’ve written my response I want to get that I organize every message into one of 7 folders

  1. Buyers
  2. Sellers
  3. Renters
  4. Investors
  5. Office
  6. Personal
  7. Misc

These are all pretty self explanatory.  If you have a question about each specific folder, ask me in the comments below.

Backup Gmail?

Even though everything is stored in the cloud there is still a way to backup everything to your hard drive if you want.  Look it up it’s easy!

Google Mail Search Bar

Remember how I mentioned that I file everything away so my inbox is as low as it can be?  Well, sometimes that’s a problem.  Amazing search bar –

I can search for anything with the search bar.  Just type in the sender’s name, something in the text, or whatever you remember, and presto, the infinite power of Gmail’s servers spring into action and deliver outstanding search results.  It just works!

A couple of other cool features:

Google groups email threads, or conversations together automatically.

You can add smart labels to messages and Gmail learns your habits and behaviors to automate repetitive filing tasks.

Plus it links every message to a contact. you can read more of that in my Google Contacts for Realtors upcoming article.


As always, Please share any of your cool g-mail tricks or tips in the comments below.

CRM for Real Estate

We are all on the go.

I know I am, especially as a busy real estate agent.   Often I don’t have time to sit down at a real computer (laptop or desktop).  When a client calls and wants to see a house, I don’t just jump, but leap!  In the Austin market, homes sell very quickly, and to be able to get the ones my clients want I have to act immediately.  I need all my information immediately, and everywhere I go.  And I don’t want to have to worry about it being outdated or backed up.

Real Estate ContactsWhen I started as a Realtor, I really didn’t know how important it was keeping track of everything.  Who is interested in which neighborhood?  Who is flying in from California next weekend?  Who needs to get a contract signed.   No longer is it just my phone that is ringing.  I get emails all day long, am constantly texting, and as you know I’m all over Facebook and Twitter.

How does one handle it all?

I rely on technology.  Around the office, I’m known at one of the most techie guys around.  Of course we have a full time computer specialist on staff, as well as a person handling all of the social media for our company.  But we are all independent business people here.  Even though we all work for a broker (or are a broker), we have to get and grow our own business.

It seems like everybody does something a little differently.  And it seems like there isn’t a single solution either.

What is a CRM

Day planner for Real EstateSimply put CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.  It’s a way to organize and communicate with all your leads, buyers, sellers, investors, and even renters.  It is a way to track their name, email, phone number, house address, and more – whatever you enter.  I usually start with basic business card information, and add stuff as I go.

In the last century everybody would run around with these little file-o-faxes, or day planners.  But now everything is digital.

Basically it’s my little black book, but all digital.  I store everything about my clients there, birthdays, favorite wines, kids names, you get the idea.

Why do I need a CRM?

I need a CRM because I sometimes have a hard time keeping track of everything.  I may be driving on my way to a listing appointment and thinking about that when my phone rings and it’s a different client about a different property.

If you are like me, when your phone rings the first thing you do is check your caller ID to see who is calling.  If it is just a number sometimes I have a hard time associating the name with the number.  One feature of the CRM is it associates the client’s name with their number so when they call I get that information right away.

Plus I need more.  I need access to my calendar.  I need directions.  I need everything.  Immediately.  And I’m on a budget.

Some CRM for Real Estate

I didn’t have time to  write real estate crm reviews for all these products, but I have tried a lot of them out

  • Daylight
  • Salesforce
  • Base
  • REA Real Estate Assistant
  • Clientlook
  • Apto
  • Insightly

A lot of these companies/programs have been around for a long time, and I’m sure they all have their benefits and drawbacks.  All I know is when I started selling houses, I needed something FAST.  I didn’t have a lot of money to invest, and I didn’t want to spend a lot of time learning a system that I wasn’t sure was going to work for me in the long run.

One thing I kept running into with these out of the box CRM solutions was that they either had a bunch of features I didn’t need, or they didn’t have the features I really wanted.  I hated being forced to do things their way, instead of my way.

What is the best real estate CRM?

For me, the best CRM is platform independent I can use it on a Mac, PC, Tablet, or Phone.  It does automatic backups,  because I never remember to do that.  It has a calendar, contacts, notes, document storage, and a to do list.  It is easy to set-up, and has lots of documentation in case I run into a problem.  Plus it’s low cost, or even free.

In summary:

  • Platform independent
  • Automatic Backups
  • Lots of features
  • Easy to use
  • Low cost

Google for Real Estate

Enter Google, and their suite of business apps.

google_appsWhat?  I didn’t know google had programs I could use in my business.  Well, they do,  And they are easy to use, free, and work on both Macs and PCs (Plus tablets, and phones).

They have lots of support on-line that teaches me how to use the different programs when I get stuck and need help.

Since the apps live in the cloud, I never need to worry about backing everything up.

The best part is it is free, and since it is Google I don’t have to worry about them going out of business.

There are lots of different features, too. The parts of Google that I use for managing my real estate business:

  • Mail
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Drive

Over the next week I’ll be writing extensively how I use each of these features.  Mostly I just have the regular set-ups for each of them,  but the way I use them is a bit specific to real estate, and hopefully you will find that helpful.

Most likely you already have an account with Google, so the set-up is almost nil, and unless you have tons and tons of emails, the cost is free.  I know you get 15 Giga-bytes of storage for free, and the next level is 100 GB, for only $4.95/month.  That’s cheap!

Each of the different apps is linked to each other, too, so I can schedule a meeting right from my mail program, and then link it to the people who I’ll be meeting with on contacts.  I can also share and collaborate with documents using Google Drive,

It’s really easy!  I suggest you try it out!

Where does the president stay when he visits Austin?

It was recently announced that President Obama will be visiting SXSW this year, missing Nancy Reagan’s funeral.

Senator Barack Obama (D - IL), who is running for President of the United States in 2008, speaks to a crowd of about 20,000 people during his first official presidential campaign rally in Texas, February 23, 2007, at Auditorium Shores, in Austin, Texas.
Senator Barack Obama (D – IL), who is running for President of the United States in 2008, speaks to a crowd of about 20,000 people during his first official presidential campaign rally in Texas, February 23, 2007, at Auditorium Shores, in Austin, Texas.

Since I’ve lived in Austin, the President has visited Austin 3 times – first on the campaign trail in 2008, then for a high-tech tour where he visited places like Applied Materials, and Manor New Tech High School (one of the best in the country). and now he will deliver the keynote at South by Southwest.

As usual lot of people are complaining that the already bad traffic in our town will be crippled to a standstill (I feel bad for people taking an Uber and the surge pricing on friday), but I have to wonder if he will be staying  the night, or if he will jump back on Air Force 1 and head back to Washington.

If Obama does spend the night in Austin (which he might do and raise money for the DNC, which he has done before) where would he stay?

During his last technology visit he ate at Franklins BBQ (and skipped the line).  My sources in Real Estate have told me that he did indeed spend the night, and had a $38,000 per person dinner at one of the most spectacular private homes in Austin.

It was the home of venture capitalists Blaine & Alexa Wesner. They are active supporters of the tech scene in Austin, and it goes without saying have done very well for themselves.

The house is for sale now (at the time of this blog post), and you can learn more, including it’s $16.5 MILLION dollar price tag on the Gottesman website.

The house was designed and built by by Peter Gluck & Partners in 2006, and beautifully integrates modern design with nature in the heart of Westlake, near Austin, TX. The design is elegant and simple. One box seemingly floats on another, at a little bit of an angle. The bottom box is all glass, and has breathtaking views of the area. The top box, is clad in a mahogany veneer, blending in beautifully with the heritage mesquite trees that populate the oversize lot. This makes the upper, private living area just that. Private. The lower level is open and light and airy. The upper looks closed and dark, but in reality is anything but.

You would think that a building as modern as this wouldn’t fit in a natural setting such as this, but it’s quite the opposite. A start contrast between the design and it’s environment, the home is actually integrated with nature. It sits perfectly on the sloped lot, and is angled in just such a way that views of downtown Austin are visible. Spectacular.

On the main level, there is a stainless steel structure that houses all the mechanicals (air conditioning, heating, electrical, and high-tech systems).

And below the main level is a driveway that leads to a garage and a few other rooms…

But enough of this – just check out the spectacular photos by Paul Warchol Photography from his Photoshelter site.

The floating box house in Austin

A circular driveway leads to an underground garage

This angle is a great way to see how the upper level seems to float on the lower one

The lower level of this Austin home is almost completely glass and integrates seamlessly with the environment around it.

Modern houses in Austin

There is a window in the office that shows the deep end of the swimming pool

The modern fireplace is custom built

There are views of the Austin skyline from this home.

This modern home in Austin was designed by Glick

This is actually a 3 story home, with the lower level at grade in the front and below grade at the back, due to the sloped site.

A large, private mahogany upper level rests on air.

Modern Houses in West Lake Hills

Million dollar houses in Austin

Mahogony and glass buildings

Glass houses in Austin

The living room is open and transparent to the outside, and has a modern clean feel

A large steel spiral staircase stretches up through the multiple levels of this Austin home

Beautiful floors and a black spiral staircase turn this home into a piece of art

The modern kitchen is beautifully designed with professional chefs in mind

The bathroom has a large spa like feel with a combination of stone, wood,and glass

This closet has lots of storage and feels like a high end botique

The floating vanity in an additional bathroom mirrors the shape of the home

Modern bathroom design

Floorplan 3

Floorplan 2

Floorplan 1

Lance Armstrong's new Austin house

Designed by world class architect Arthur Andersson, and situated in the ultra private subdivision of Rob Roy in Austin is Lance Armstrong’s new home.  I’ve reported on his old house (which was featured in Architectural Digest), and we were one of the first websites to report that he had sold that home in 2013.

His new home was also featured in A.D. and Dwell Magazines, and sold for approximately $4.3M.  It is quite spectacular.  It was on the market for 178 days before it sold.  Both sides of the transaction were represented by Gottesman Residential.  And the deal was all cash, according to county records.

A 200 foot suspention bridge leads from the main house to the boathouse on the lakeSo what do you get for $4,340,000?  Pretty much everything.  There are 5 bedrooms, and 8 bathrooms on 5 levels, a pool, a boathouse, even a 200 foot suspension bridge on 3.6 acres.  All in all you get 4 buildings, just minutes away from downtown Austin in a private gated community.

The main home is peaceful.  I’ve actually been in this house, and it is very tranquil.  The previous owners told me that it was inspired by monasteries in Europe.  And the inspiration comes through.  Even though a lot of the materials are hard – stone, concrete, and metal, it doesn’t feel like it when you are inside.  The house is exceptionally modern, but blends seamlessly with its environment.   It feels warm and inviting, not cold and sterile.

There is a music room, lots of bedrooms, an art gallery, and an artists studio.  Inside the master suite is a large bathroom with soaking tub, balcony, and separate his and hers dressing areas.

The kitchen is functional, with lots of storage.  The house is designed in such a way that you can easily entertain, an intimate group of 6, or a party of 60+.

The second structure is a guest house located next to the large lap pool and hot tub.  There is a wine cellar, and a 2nd media room as well.  In addition there is a large cabana with a wet bar, and a large covered terrace.

The third building has an indoor sports court, a soundproofed media or recording studio, and an office flooded with natural light.

Finally the fourth structure is an award winning boathouse that is reached by a 200 foot suspension bridge that was flown in by helicopter and spans a nature preserve.  The two story building has a screened in porch, outdoor shower, and a wet bar with a fridge.

The garage houses 2 cars, and has a garden room on the lower level, and a woodworking shop on the 2nd floor.

I wonder which room he will hang his Yellow Jerseys in.

Lance Armstrong's Austin house

Views of Lake Austin and the Hill country from the pool.

The living room

The Library
The Kitchen

The Living Room has floor to ceiling windows with amazing views of the lake and hill country

The dining room

The Breakfast Room and Kitchen

Stairs leading into the downstairs living area


Modern Swimming Pool designs

Polished Concrete Floors

Modern Homes in Rob Roy

Master Bath with stairs leading into tub

Living Room with views of the lake

Living in Rob Roy has some great views

Lance Armstrong's new Austin home

Lance Armstrong's house in Austin

Lance Armstrong Austin House

Concrete Walls and Staircase leading to the basement

Architectural Features

Arthur Andersen designed homes in Austin

A long lap swimmig pool seems to disappear into the hill country

A 200 foot suspention bridge leads from the main house to the boathouse on the lake

 All these images are from Real Estate websites, and were taken before Lance moved in.