From 1955 to as recently 1996, the Seaholm power plant provided energy to Austin Residents.  Then for 15 years it lay dormant, it’s massive structure used only for photo shoots and private SXSW parties.

The City of Austin knew the value of the location, so in 2004, a request for proposals came out, and developers began to bid on the 5 acre site.

As a registered historic landmark, the original massive concrete building designed in the art deco style, had strict guidelines as to what could and could not be done.


What emerged was a new mixed used development with a combination of residential, commercial and retail stores in an industrial setting updated for the new millennium.

My first real visit to Seaholm was to tour some of the condos in the new 30 story 130 Million dollar high-rise directly behind the old, preserved building, but I took a few more hours to discover all the new Seaholm development had to offer.


The Seaholm Condos

Stretching 341 feet into the sky, the Seaholm Residential Condos sold out in 2016.  A combination of studio to 3 bedroom units are available as condos.

A daytime concierge oversees the 280 unit building.  Residents enjoy a private sanctuary with 24-hour gated access, and have access to the 10th floor with a pool, private deck, and fitness room.

Once residents come downstairs, and step outside they join the rest of us who came to explore this new area

Exploring the Seaholm Neighborhood

Walking out the front door of the condo tower, you will find a few  restaurants, a Trader Joe’s Grocery Store, and a few other shops. scattered around a central square.

Some commercial companies also call this area home.  Currently Under Armor, Aetna Health and a handful of internet startups have move into the old Seaholm Building, and you will see people wearing badges walking around, mixing with the dog walkers, and yoga-pants wearing residents.

Grab a bite to eat

When in a new part of town that I know nothing about, a safe bet is to head to a restaurant with a lot of people in it.  They are all there for a reason.  Perhaps they have a friend who suggested the place, or someone in a group did some homework on Yelp and researched the reviews, or maybe they just have great food.

At Seaholm the busiest restaurant is the True food Kitchen.

If I came any later, I’d have to wait for a table at lunchtime on a weekday.  There were lots of people eating inside, as well as outside and at the bar.

I didn’t realize this was a chain at first – the decor is nice, and the servers were super helpful and knowledgeable about the menu, especially about the Vegetarian and Vegan options.

If I had to use one word to describe the food, I’d choose Fresh.

We started with the Shiitake Lettuce Cups, moved on to the Spaghetti Squash Casserole, and had more than one Honey Apricot Old Fashioned full of bourbon.

Other options include Boiler Nine Bar & Grill and Trader Joes.

TJ’s has the perfect blend of staples, salads, wine and beer, and snacks.  All your bases are covered.  If you want to make a 3-layer chocolate cake from scratch, they have all the ingredients you need, or you can pick up a perfect frozen tiramisu and a bottle of red wine for a night in.

There were several people getting a pre-packaged salad and a bottle of sparkling water and heading outside to eat during their lunch break.

It’s not hard to quickly become a Trader Joe’s fan.  Quietly, they have opened 3 locations across Austin, and after visiting one it’s not hard to see why.

Finally there is a Ruiz hair salon and an Optique store.  No other retail stores – yet, so shopping options are pretty much non existent.


you get one hour of free parking at the Garage with Validation for your visit – so be sure to bring your ticket up with you and get one of the businesses to stamp it (electronically).  That first hour goes by fast so have a few extra dollars with you, but the automatic machines also take credit cards.

BUILDINGS NEAR the Seaholm District

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Seaholm Condos

It is now possible to buy a unit at the Seaholm Condos.  While the condo was being built it was only open for pre-sale for a short while, and then it sold out.  Now that it is finished, you can live in the Seaholm District, and take advantage of all it has to offer.


On the surface, every downtown hi-rise may seem the same.  Tall, shiny glass towers with 24-hour concierge services, in house fitness rooms, and swimming pools high above ground level.

However, upon further investigation, differences appear, and each building takes on a style and feeling of it’s own.

The Seaholm Tower is a brand new building, finished in 2016.  It was part of the Seaholm Development, where the old power plant was refurbished into offices.  In addition to the tower, several other buildings, were constructed around a central square for people to gather, and eat.

Let me say one thing right away, none of the condos are actually in the old Seaholm Power plant.  As cool as that would have been, that building has been converted into offices.  

I’ll be honest (I usually am), and i prefer the northern side of this building to the southern side.  I think they have better views on that side.  Also, there are quite a few condos that have a view of the train tracks.  For a railroad lover like me that is awesome, but from experience, I know not everyone shares my enthusiasm.  Inside, there is nearly zero train noise, but open your patio door when a 3 engine freight train is pulling a mile of gravel cars and you can hear it on the 16th floor.

Like most towers, the Seaholm residences have some incredible views.  

Little known facts:

  • Every unit has a balcony, and most northern facing ones can view the Capital.
  • You can walk to the hike and bike trail – less than one block away.
  • This is the only condo downtown within walking distance to a grocery store – Trader Joes.
  • Grab a dog treat for your pooch from the secret stash on your way out the building.


Where are the Seaholm Condos?


  • Address: 222 West St
  • Approximate Price Range:  $350,000 – Over $1 Million
  • Year Completed: 2016
  • Stories: 30
  • Number of Units: 280
  • Floor Plans:  One, Two, and Three Bedrooms
  • Pets Allowed?  Yes – There is a dedicated Pet area on the 10th floor, as well as access to the hike and bike trail at ladybird lake.
  • Concierge:  Yes
  • Gym:  Yes
  • Pool:  Yes
  • Parking:  Yes
  • Developer: Southwest Strategies Group, Inc., Centro Partners LLC, La Corsha Hospitality Group


The average sales price of a downtown Condo breaks $1 Million in Austin

According to a report released on the Downtown Austin Blog the average price of a Downtown Condo in Austin reached $1,061,682.

This data is the average of 124 new sales of units in four of the most luxurious hirises:  The W Hotel Residences, The Austionian, Spring Condos, and  The Four Seasons Residences,  Of course these are the premiere urban living spaces, but even when you take the data from all the other tall residential buildings the result is similar. (more…)

the Sycamore Townhomes

It can be hard to find places in the heart of South Austin with everything you want in a home.  Private gated community – Yes.  Energy efficient.  Yep.  9 foot ceilings – at least.  Soaker Tubs, polished concrete floors, stainless appliances.  It goes on an on and on.

I see these units come on the market every so often, and when I do, I jump on them because they don’t last.  Everybody loves living here. (more…)

The South 5th condos

Situated in the popular Bouldin Creek area the South 5th Condos are 45% more energy efficient than the average house in Austin.  With 12” thick walls, solar panels on top and double insulated glass, these modern units will save you money. There are rooftop terraces with views, Gourmet kitchens with 36” Paykel Gas stoves, under-counter wine coolers, and all the usual modern amenities you would expect from a cutting edge condo community.